JD.com Awarded For Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability has always been important for the team at JD.com, which is the largest provider of retail infrastructure and e-commerce in all of China. It was recently announced the JD.com. or Jingdong will be receiving the SEAL Business Sustainability Award of 2018. They are dedicated to supporting environmental causes as well as social innovation through the Corporate Responsibility Program.

Jingdong has been working to improve its sustainability efforts for the last 5 years. Through extensive research and planning, they have come up with multiple ways to change their company for the better. Every part of the company is now focused on making sure that they are able to positively impact both society and the environment with their efforts. These programs are all part of long-term plans to make the world better for their participation.

Only the top companies who have shown dedication to the environment, leadership, and of course sustainability are eligible to receive a SEAL Award. These awards are given on a global level and only the most sustainable companies ever win. This is why it is such a big accomplishment for JD.com that has been working so hard to achieve their sustainability goals. Some of the other companies that have received these awards in the past include Nike, Apple, Samsung, and Impossible Foods.

According to Jingdong’s corporate social responsibility head, Libo Ma, the company is honored to be given this award as they are such strong champions for sustainability. Their system includes not only plans for sustainability, but also to alleviate poverty, support education, and protect the environment. JD.com has stated that they are committed to improving society. A company should not just be measured on how well they are doing on a business sense, but also how they impact society.

One of the points of pride for Jingdong is their recycling program. It received the highest score possible from the panel of judges that ranks 47 different cities in China. The founder of the SEAL Awards, Matt Harney, expressed how impressed he is by the leadership of the company for the improvements they have made for the sustainability of the planet.

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