InnovaCare Health not only offers benefits towards medical needs but also the mental and emotional well-being. InnovaCare is a leading healthcare service provider, located in Puerto Rico, North America. Through networks of provision and advantage of Medicare, sustainable, pocket-friendly and advanced technologies that are fully integrated, are provided.


InnovaCare’s Health mission is to redefine the management of healthcare to meet the challenges of the current complex environment. The vision is to be focused on strong patient relationships to build sustainable models which are cheaper, coordinated, and of quality while adhering to the values of putting patients first, quality, stable relationships, innovative medical practices, growth, management, and teamwork.


InnovaCare Health is led by a strong team that comprises of Rick Shinto M.D., who is Chief Executive Officer and the President, as well as Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Operation Officer. InnovaCare operates MMM and PMC health plans and manages Medicaid plans that are within the Government’s Health plan in Puerto Rico. These health plans are the only NCQA-accredited, offered to the island. The organization follows an integrated approach whereby it partners with appropriate stakeholders to build a wholesome care model. Innovative tools availed by use of data and technology are for the improvement of the quality of the patients’ life and peace of mind for the physician. Through the establishment of culture, governance, and leadership, the optimized structure gains a benchmark.


The InnovaCare Health organization offers solutions towards supporting the resources of physicians. As a means to understand the ecosystem, the organization ensures that it builds on the expertise of the community or population served. For delivery of services, there is constant monitoring and evolution of solutions to provide value-based care.


In March 22nd, 2017, Penelope Kokkinides was invited to meet with President Donald Trump at the White House, to be part of a discussion on Medicare advantage in Puerto Rico. The panel comprised of women in healthcare at the West Wing Roosevelt Room. Penelope emphasized the urgency of increasing funds channeled towards the Medicare Advantage in Puerto Rico during the meeting, in which was also attended by administrator Verma.


She stated that lack of fixing of the federal cuts would lead to the collapse of the Medicaid system, hence forcing people to seek it at the States, which costs thrice as much or more. A notice was released stating that the healthcare system successfully had favorable changes a few days after the meeting.


Madison Street Capital Helps Napoleon Machine Expand Manufacturing

Recently PR Newswire published the article “Madison Street Capital Acts as Exclusive Financial Advisor, Arranges Credit Facilities for Napoleon Machine”. The article discusses the investment firm recent arrangement of credit for the Napoleon Machine. It has added value to manufacturing services, particularly, precision machine, painting, light, metal fabricating, and assembly for steel components. The CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway announced the arrangement with Steven Richards, the Vice President of Capital Markets and Barry Peterson, the Senior Managing Director.


The facility will create better access to operating capital, which in turn will allow Napoleon to expand its manufacturing. This will ensure that the company can reach the needs of the customers while still allowing the company to grow steadily. The President of Napoleon Machine, Kevin Febrey, indicated that Madison Street Capital was dedicated to understanding both the story of the company and the possible opportunities for the company. The deep understanding of Madison Street Capital was necessary for the transaction. The steel industry has an incredibly intense nature which required creative solutions. The solution will allow Napoleon Machine to have access to much more capital, allowing them to grow.


Napoleon Machine is a provider of manufacturing services like agricultural, automotive, aerospace, construction, and machinery manufacturing as well as nuclear power generation and robotics. It provides high quality products like machine bases, structural frames, oil pump frames, and heat exchangers. It can create these products according to the needs of the client between 200 and 60,000 pounds. It can also create high-end tooling machines like missile launch tooling and others that require a narrow tolerance.


Madison Street Capital provides a variety of services as an international investment bank. It is dedicated to providing leadership and service in excellence and integrity. They act in an advisory role for mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and financial opinions for both public and private entities. They want to help each client succeed in the international marketplace, taking on the goals of each client as their own. It also looks at the potential global growth for the clients through emerging markets while also focusing their assets on those markets. They have worked with a variety of clients around the world and provide the highest level of professionalism.


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Whitney Wolfe Bans Gun Pictures in Bumble Dating App

Whitney Wolfe is popularly known as the queen of dating apps and for her enthusiasm in fighting for women rights, especially in the online dating sites. She is the chief executive officer and founder of Bumble, a dating site that has given women the privilege of making the first move. The idea of launching the dating app came in mind after she quit working at Tinder, an online dating site. Whitney first worked at Tinder as a senior marketer, and during his tenure at the company, she noticed that most women in the society were experiencing sexual harassments, her included. For this reason, Whitney wanted to give females a voice in the online dating sites, and eventually, Bumble was established.

Bumble is one of the fastest growing dating apps and has grown to become one of the most famous dating sites in the world with more than 30 million users. The app has advanced its services by incorporating new features like bumble bizz and bumble bff. Bumble bizz is a feature in the site that helps users get new jobs opportunities. It gives the clients a platform to upload their updated CVs and apply for jobs that match their skills. Bumble bff has been beneficial to the customers since it helps them in finding friends of the same gender with similar lifestyle interests to hang out and have a good time together.

Whitney Wolfe is a smart business oriented woman. She attended the Southern Methodist University, where she studied international relations and majored in marketing. After graduating, she worked in orphanages in Northern Thailand for six months. In 2017, she made headlines on her breathtaking Italian destination wedding with her fiancé Michael Herd, an oil and gas company heir. The two lovebirds first met in 2013 during a Christmas vacation in Aspen.

Recently, Whitney Wolfe was threatened after she banned images of guns in the dating and networking app after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting act. She announced the new policy in March and since then aroused threats and harassments to her managerial team. Commenting on the news, Whitney Wolfe stated that the police officers had to camp around their offices for several weeks. Women who have been supporting guns restrictions have been facing cyberbullying and threats for a very long time from pro-gun activists. Whitney Herd has been in the frontline advocating for women rights in the society.

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A look at the inventions of Dr. Saad Saad

With more than 40 years in the medical industry, Dr.Saad Saad is an accomplished pediatric surgeon who has accomplished everything that he would have wished for in the medical industry. His best achievement is helping thousands of patients get well after performing surgery on them. He as also assisted patients from all walks of life; he has been to different places looking where he has assisted patients through surgical operations.


Dr. Saad Saad has helped been on free medical missions in different parts of the globe. He has been to various parts of the United States as well as various parts in the Middle East. As a person born in the Middle East, he knows the challenges that they go through, and that is why he is trying to help as many people as possible from this region. Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine. They later moved to Kuwait where he grew up. He went to Cairo University where due to his exemplary work in the industry, he was spotted by a brilliant student. He interned in England and then moved to the United States. Learn more:


After moving into the United States, one of the things he did was to seek certification from the medical board, after he received the certification, he was now ready to go far and wide offering medical services as well as making innovations which would make the industry better. He was interested in changing the industry by bringing in new methods of performing surgical operations. Today, he has a number of innovations to his name. He has advanced the surgical operation methods such that they became safe and less painful to the patient.


One of the inventions he has made is the creation of a device that will track the position of the catheter in the human body without scanning. The biggest problem being faced currently with tracking of the catheter is that the patient must go through an x-ray of an MRI machine for the catheter to be traced. The catheter has a number of applications which include removing fluids and gases from the body, among other functions. When it has to be left inside the body, it is upon the surgeon to trace its position. With the new device created by Dr. Sad Saad, there will be no need to go through the scanning process.


Dr. Saad Saad has invented a suction system that will be used together with the endoscope when examining internal parts of the body. Since the body produces body fluids which interfere with visibility of the area under examination, he decided to use his knowledge to create a suction system that would remove fluids from the area under examination. With these two inventions, he has made his mark in the medical industry.

Alex Pall, the Excellent Creative Musician

Chainsmoker band has released unique song which involves collaboration of Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart, Both individuals are passionate in music.Mathias Rosenzweig has carried an interview with Alex Pall on the same. Alex was a DJ in New York as a side job which he realized he had given it a larger weight and he eventually decided to quit the career and give it fully concentration. Alex meet Andrew through their current manager and they started working jointly where Andrew moved out of Maine for them to build their musical interest closely. Having a partner with common interest and skills has helped them greatly in building their talents which lately they view them as their career. Having common interest and goals in the table with information about what was to build and promote their music passion and what would terminate it, it was a starting point that would clearly define their success.


Music is the only source of the daily bread and Alex has to put more efforts of moving to great levels and become the best artist. Pall views his career music as self evaluation and self test journey. Alex believes in attempting new things and going for the best that meets personal satisfaction. Alex believes that one cannot just produce an album that contains only hinting songs it should be cohesive one considering all gradual changes they have gone through not matter how urgently the fans are expecting or requesting it. According to Pall, having Halsey in their song is greatest come true dream they have ever experienced. Halsey is calm and special artist of will never make mistakes to hold an apology for something is talented in. According to him the song as marked great achievement his music career. Alex is excited that through social media they are able to get large geographical coverage and their songs have general message that covers all ages with gender equality interest catered for. Alex dream is to continue bringing new things and make tours that will entertain their fans differently and keep pushing for great things.

Shiraz Boghani’s Achievements In The Hotel Sector In The United Kingdom

Shiraz Boghani is a renowned hotelier who heads the Splendid Hospitality Group located in the United Kingdom. He holds various positions in different sectors where he is the director and managing partner at the Splendid Hotels Group, a leader at Sussex Healthcare, and an overseer of the Sojourn Hotels.

Mr. Boghani operates the group of limited service brand hotels where he pioneered the concept in London back in the 1990s. He is also an award-winning businessman in the hospitality industry where in 2016, he was selected as the hotelier of the year at the Asian Business Awards. Besides, Mr. Boghani has a wealth of experience in the hotel industry where has been operating in the business for over 30 years.

About Shiraz Boghani’s Education and Profession

Mr. Boghani was brought up in Kenya whereby he moved to the United Kingdom in the late 1960s in pursuit of his education. He studied accounting and is a qualified chartered accountant who is a fellow at the Institute of chartered accounts in Wales and England. After his training as an accountant, Mr. Boghani worked at the Thompson McLintock & Co which is now known as KPMG. Nevertheless, Shiraz Boghani left as he was more passionate about entrepreneurship when he saw an opportunity in the hotel industry in the 1990s and decided to engage in the business.

He currently manages the upscale hotels in London and its environs where he continues to open more world-class hotels. Some of the hotels under the Splendid Hospitality Group’s portfolio include the Holiday Inn London, the Grand Hotel &Spa, and the Conrad London St James. Further, Mr. Boghani is also a generous individual who gives back to the community through voluntary initiatives by donating his time and resources to the institutions. An instance is where he is involved in supporting the Aga Khan Foundation among other charitable organizations.

Mr. Boghani’s Management at the Sussex Healthcare

Mr. Boghani heads a health facility at the Sussex region in U.K. which is known as the Sussex Healthcare. The healthcare center offers excellent services as it is an award-winning facility that has been in operation for more than three decades. Sussex Healthcare provides a variety of services where it doubles as a home for the elderly and a treatment center for some mental illnesses. Their staffs are professional and friendly where they are involved in the care of patients suffering from diseases such as dementia, neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s among many others. Equally important, Shiraz Boghani heads the facility as its joint chairman and managing partner together with his colleague called Dr. Shafik Sachedina.

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Larkin and Lacey Representing the Alternative Media in the United States Proudly

The people these days are looking for news they can rely on, and it is certain that mainstream media cannot always be trusted. Some of the biggest corporations own the big media houses, and there are many reasons for people to believe that the news they receive from the mainstream media is twisted and churned out as per the liking of the corporations and the said media houses.

The viewership and readership of the alternative media houses have increased drastically in the past few years and rightly so. In the United States, one of the media houses that have been promoting fair and independent news is Village Voice Media. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

It is one of the biggest alternative media houses in the country, and has a large following across the country, especially in the state of Arizona, New York, Miami, and a few other states.

Michael and Jim are the founders as well as the co-owners of Village Voice Media that circulates the weekly newspapers such as Phoenix New Time. The press has been reporting about the atrocities of the local law enforcement agencies, especially on the people of color, the Hispanic community, Mexicans, and Muslims.

The local Maricopa County Sheriff was often named in the news, and it has been upsetting the Sheriff for long. However, when the Phoenix New Times reported about the grand jury investigation and the subpoenas being sent to the editors, writers, and even in some cases to the readers of the news, it upset Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio badly.

Joe Arpaio ordered the local task force of the law enforcement agency to arrest Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey in the middle of the night from their houses. It was very insulting to them as well as their families, and moreover, there was no proper reason given for the arrest. It was shocking harassment for them as well as their family.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had to endure staying in jail for the next twenty-four days before they were released on the order of the court. The nationwide protest that followed after their arrest was also the reason that Joe Arpaio had to release them from the jail.

The people had to choose whether to stand up for their right or not, and they made the right choice by fully supporting the freedom of speech and media and upholding the United States Constitutional Rights.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had to face a lot of torture and harassment while in prison, and as soon as they were released from jail, they filed a lawsuit against the state and the sheriff.

Eventually, the court couldn’t find any evidence supporting their arrest and convicted Joe Arpaio of the wrongful arrest. Moreover, Larkin and Lacey were compensated well with $3.7 million by the Supreme Court for the harassment they had to go through.

The money received as compensation was converted to Frontera Fund to help the poor immigrants and people from minority communities who are suffering due to the unlawful decisions and arrests made by the law enforcement agencies.

Betsy DeVos: The Meaningful Experience of the American Student

In the world of politics, one of the highest considerations on that list is education. Education is important, and sometimes it can be taken for granted. People struggle to make decisions in the sector all the time, and they need someone who has proven themselves to be a valuable leader. With the election of Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos people were not entirely sure if she was the leader that they needed. They knew that she had some sort of background in the education industry, but they were not entirely sure if it was as extensive as they needed to be. She also voiced an outstanding commitment to the concept of school choice and that scared many parents because they thought that would result in the death of the public-school system. Betsy DeVos is working to change their minds about her and solidify her commitment, finally, to her students.


One of the biggest fears that voters felt when Betsy DeVos took office was that she would become a puppet to a stronger administration. On one of her first major issues, she proved that she was more than a figurehead for her department. A recent article published in the New York Times’ website discusses how the impassioned leader pushed against the very administration that gave her the position she now occupies. The issue that she pushed back on was the rights of transgender students. Those students had always voiced the desire to use the restrooms that they felt they identified with the most, and Betsy DeVos was an outspoken supporter of the students. She felt as though repealing this mandate would harm them and she fought against it, hard. To this day it is still something that she feels very strongly about and advocates for.


While Betsy DeVos has earned much of her reputation for her work in the field of school choice, she has a foundational interest in the overall well-being of the students under her care. She wants them to have access to the best and she believes that that can be achieved through implementation of school choice programs. While many fear the change in funding from a public school based system to a private school based system, Betsy DeVos believes that this is going to be the change that is necessary to fix the system. The public-school system remains unchallenged and students are filtered into it at an alarming rate. She thinks that moving them into private programs will be the catalyst that the public-school system needs in order to change their practices.


Betsy DeVos may have detractors, but those detractors are unfamiliar with the work that she has done already in the educational field. She will continue to serve her students, as those remain her number one priority throughout much of her work. Her hope is to collaborate with policymakers on a meaningful level and enact a real standard of change. Those that may be interested in some of her policies will find much of her information available in a recent interview with Philanthropy Roundtable.


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Rocketship Education Propels Students to Success

Schools in Tennessee are aware of how much their students have progressed, but schools in Davidson County have to wait an entire year to see how their students have progressed. When fall arrives and the TNReady results, student proficiency will be the focus. Many schools in the Nashville area are using a system known as the NWEA assessment that helps to track the progress of students. It accesses how much each student has progressed throughout the year, but proficiency scores only relay a certain amount of information. It will determine whether or not a student is where they need to be but growth scores or value-added, scores determine where a student is at no matter where they began.

MAP assessments are being used in many districts all over the world and in over 7,400 schools. Rocketship Schools have been using MAP since they started and Director Joseph has been using MAP assessments in many Metro Nashville Public Schools in the past year.

Many students who are impoverished are actually behind at school when they begin, and they never catch up. Many students in the Nashville area are at a great disadvantage due to their circumstances, but a good school has the potential to bridge the gap. At Rocketship Academy many of their students come from poverty-stricken homes. In just the past year alone 146 students began the school year behind according to academic standards but ended the school year not only where they are expected to be but above grade level. On average, Rocketship students grow on average 1.35 in math and 1.2 years in reading.

Rocketship Public Schools believe that every student deserves the chance to excel and to have a chance for a great education no matter what their living circumstances may be. Rocketship Public Schools is a network of non-profit charter schools that helps its students to achieve their goals and to even become over-achievers. They are dedicated to closing the gap that some of their students may be struggling with and to change the communities that they function in for the better through a better education.

How Betsy DeVos Earned The Role of Secretary of Education

Betsy DeVos is going to be a name that strikes some level of dissonance among readers depending on which side of the political aisle that they sit on. Betsy DeVos was brought on by President Donald Trump in order to serve as the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. DeVos’ nomination, and corresponding confirmation, were one of the biggest question marks early on in President Trump’s career in the White House. Betsy DeVos came to Washington D.C. as a relatively low-profile figure in the world of politics and her nomination confused many folks who had anticipated someone with more name recognition. With that being said, as you’ll soon learn, Betsy DeVos was chosen for a reason and she is quickly winning over fans on both sides of the aisle.


Betsy DeVos is, over all other titles, a reformer. Born and raised in Michigan and graduated from Calvin College, Betsy DeVos has spent her entire life working toward the things that matter most to her. Betsy DeVos was born into the wealthy family behind the Amway enterprise but Betsy DeVos didn’t let that slow her down or allow herself to be lazy in her youth. Instead, DeVos would leave her hometown of Holland, MI in order to pursue higher education and a larger purpose. DeVos would attend Calvin College in her youth and she would become introduced to the important elements of educational reform that she would take and dedicate her life to spreading.


Outside of college, Betsy DeVos has worked hard over the past thirty years in order to become a prominent figure in Michigan’s state-level politics. Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick DeVos, have been engineers of the school choice movement throughout the United States for the past several decades. They have worked night and day to try and spread the valuable message of school choice and education reform. This has manifested itself in a variety of different ways for the DeVos family and their goal of spreading school reform.


DeVos is more than just a public figure who talks the right talk as Betsy DeVos also makes sure to put her work where her intentions are. DeVos founded the Foundation for Excellence in Education while also serving on the boards of several other prominent school choice charities. DeVos also has served as the chairman of the American Federation for Children. DeVos’ work on these boards put her on the map for President Trump and she was quick to accept the position of Secretary of Education when he offered it to her.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos is going to have to overcome several challenges during her tenure in the Department of Education. Above all, Betsy DeVos is going to have to prove to members of both sides of the political aisle that her work is important and that school choice can show real value to kids all around the country. Right now, school choice can be found in 17 states, spread across 33 institutions, being taught to nearly 250,000 students.


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