How Clayton Hutson Developed His Skills In The Rock’N’Roll Industry

Clayton Hutson started out his career in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in theater design and then started to garner experience. His first stop was working as a sound engineer on some Billy Graham national tours. From there he broke into behind the scenes roles at rock concerts. He developed a wide range of marketable skills by working for others and also found the time to earn an MBA.

He now runs his own live entertainment business. Among the top musicians he has worked for are Guns N’ Roses, Pink, OneDirection, and Kid Rock. Some of his positions beyond being a sound engineer include being a monitor engineer, production manager, and stage manager. In 2017 he worked on OneRepublic’s “Honda Civic Tour” where he was responsible for running the automatic rigging system. This tour took him all over North America and Asia.

One key skill Clayton Hutson has developed is working with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. He says that before arriving at a venue he has already modeled its dimensions. The reason for this is that a concert tour can have the most incredible equipment in the business but if you can’t fit it in the door then it’s really not going to do anyone any good.

In order to attract new clients to his business, he says that he makes sure every detail is accounted for. He also has a great reputation for being a hard worker who never shies away from putting in long hours. As Clayton Hutson has developed a solid reputation who is dedicated to his craft and profession he picks up a lot of new clients from referrals.

Before each show, he goes through his work several times in order to make sure it was absolutely done right. In his business mistakes can lead to injuries or worse. He says that if he were to ever commit a serious error his reputation would likely never recover from it. For this reason, he always puts safety first and makes sure that all of the equipment is organized in a sensible manner.

In order to keep his client’s satisfied Clayton Hutson says that he has to keep up with developments in the industry. While giant video screens are a mainstay of holding a concert he says that he likes it when artists focus on other things like eye-catching stunts and acrobatics.

Neurocore Seeks Effective ADHD Treatments

It won’t come as a surprise to most people to hear that ADHD is one of the most prevalent conditions affecting the youth of today but just how should we go about treating this neurological disorder? Research on the condition began back in the mid-1970’s when a scientist known as J.F. Lubar began studying the effects of neurofeedback on patients with ADHD. His research turned up quite a bit of interesting information and now, many years later, scientists and research organizations are using his findings in conjunction with modern technology to develop the most effective treatment methods for patients who are suffering from ADHD.

One of the organizations is known as Neurocore and they are dedicated to ensuring they develop the best treatment methods for people who are suffering from ADHD. Their methods seem to be working rather well as over three-fourths of all the patients they’ve treated have experienced a significant reduction in symptoms and over half of them no longer meet the qualifications of a patient with ADHD. Using something known as Qeeg technology, they’ve been able to study the brainwaves of patients with this condition to try and determine the inherent cause of ADHD in order to better treat them.

In recent years, many scientists have done thorough research on the condition and found that it tends to be a hereditary trait passed on from generation to another. They’ve also found out that there are three different types of the condition. The first one is characterized by a lack of ability to keep focus. The second one is characterized by an inability to control one’s impulses and the last one is merely a combination of the first two subcategories. Especially considering ADHD can last well into adulthood, Neurocore understands the importance of attempting to treat the condition as effectively as possible. They’ve also found that the condition typically consists of an excessive number of theta waves whereas the beta waves are found to be rather lacking. So we wish them the best of luck in their future research and hope they are successful in finding a cure.

James Larkin Contribution to the Labor Sector

James Larkin had an incredible contribution in the efforts to fight for workers’ rights in Ireland; he was born on 28 January 1874 in the slums of Liverpool, England. Life was hard in the slums, and he had to work odd jobs to help his family get by.

Larkin worked at the Liverpool docks for a while, and he was promoted to be a foreman where he started his conquest to fight for workers’ rights both skilled and unskilled that he believed were mistreated. In 1905 Larkin joined the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) and became the organizer of the trade union.

The NUDL was not pleased by Larkin militant strike method that he took to help fight for workers’ rights and was moved to Dublin in 1907 where he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU).

The following year he came up with the political program for the (ITGWU) that advocated for lesser legal working hours, employment for the unemployed in the society, nationalization of all means of transport, pensions for workers among other things. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin | Wikipedia

James Connolly and Larkin who were colleagues at ITGWU formed the Irish Labor Party after the Congress agreed to their terms in 1912. There were a series of strikes that were led by the Labor party, and the most momentous one was held in 1913 where more than 100000 workers went on strike for eight months, and this was dubbed Dublin Lockout. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Even though Larkin organized the strikes, there was no violence involved instead he used sympathetic strikes and products boycotting which worked for him. Larkin was faced by various obstacles in his effort to fight for workers’ rights, and the Irish press was in the front line, but luckily he had the needed support behind him.

In 1914, Larkin traveled to the United States and his motive was to raise funds to fight the British, in 1916, Larkin lost his friend James Connolly in the Easter Rising that took place back in Ireland.

In 1920, Larkin was arrested and convicted of communism and criminal anarchy, three years later he was pardoned and deported back to Ireland. Back home he continued with his fight for workers’ rights and formed Workers Union of Ireland, on 30 January 1947 Larkin met his death, but his legacy still lives on.

Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Saad Saad Doesn’t Waste Time

When Dr. Saad Saad tells you how he decided to become a pediatric surgeon, it’s bound to make you smile just a bit. Dr. Saad went to work with his father one day in Kuwait — to observe, as he was only a boy. It was sweltering, and he passed out. When he awoke, he realized the villain was heat stroke. It was then he decided he would never be able to handle the heat of outdoor work and in his mind began casting about for a profession that ensured he would spend his days in air-conditioned comfort. The operating room, that’s the answer, he thought. At that moment he decided on a career as a pediatric surgeon and immediately began pursuing his goal.


Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine in 1940, and his family suffered greatly upon the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. They were forced out (for what they thought would be only a short time) with just the clothes on their back. Dr. Saad’s mother left the key under the doormat, confident they would soon return. They never returned to their home in Palestine.


For a while, the West Bank was home to the Saad family. But Dr. Saad’s father was a highly-skilled petroleum tech and moved his family to Kuwait where he found work in the petroleum industry. It was in Kuwait that Dr. Saad received both inspiration and heatstroke.


Dr. Saad Saad’s father impressed on young Saad the gravity of his situation — no home country, no passport, no respect. The only way to gain respect, he said, was to seek the best education he could. Dr. Saad did just that, graduating from medical school with honors.


Dr. Saad Saad next immigrated to the US to become a board-certified pediatric surgeon. As he was one of the few pediatric surgeons fluent in English and Arabic, he became the pediatric surgeon to the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Of course, he also treated any Saudi child requiring his skills.


Dr. Saad said he is more productive because he adheres to one simple principle — never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. And asked about his advice to his younger self, which is, of course, really advice to the youth of today, he offered the following. You can be anything you desire if you believe in the power of your mind and start moving towards that goal right now — before this day ends.



Dr. Saad is quite the inventor. He patented a new type of endoscope. The design includes an added suction device that prevents body fluids from fogging the lens of the scope, thus eliminating the need for occasional removal for cleaning. The second device he patented is a magnetic catheter. The surgeon uses a hand-held electronic device outside the body to detect the position of the catheter’s tip inside the body. Learn more :



Deirdre Baggot Takes Leadership Role in Healthcare Industry

Deirdre Baggot is someone that knows how to make an entrance when it comes to the healthcare industry that she is working in. She has become the expert on bundled payments in the medical field, and this groundbreaking achievement sets her apart instantly from all the other healthcare professionals that are also in this same field.

Baggot knew that this could be a path to success in the medical industry because there are so many sick people that have issues when it comes to making payments for their healthcare. The billing part of the healthcare industry is one of the most cumbersome things because of the various types of insurance. When the insurance is filed these payments have to go through insurance agencies in order to be returned to hospitals. This can be a long process, but her bundle payment systems is something that seeks to drive home a more efficient way for payments to be handled in healthcare. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram

Deirdre Baggot became an expert on these bundled payment systems by writing a plethora of papers on the issue. She also did research and found that medical errors are a big part of the healthcare industry. It is one of the leading causes of death when it comes to patients because they are not receiving the proper healthcare based on possible medical record history or improper diagnosis by physicians. Deirdre wanted to bring attention to this in order to cut down on this part of the medical field that was also causing a ton of issues when it came to medical billing.

Deirdre Baggot has great plans to help the medical industry evolve with a greater level of efficiency. Someone has to be at the forefront of these systems in healthcare information technology to bring about better functionality, and Baggot has taken on this leadership role.

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Secrets of Successful Investment by Igor Cornelsen

Being a successful investor goes beyond having some money to invest. According to Igor Cornelsen, the ability to identify new opportunities and take calculated risks is of paramount importance if investors are to get a great return from their investments. Igor is a renowned stock market expert from Brazil. He also works as a proprietor at Bainbridge Investment, a reputable firm that majors in private equity, real estate, and liquid assets. Before joining Bainbridge Investment, Cornelsen was an employee in a bank in Brazil where he held different executive positions until his retirement in 2011.

Igor Cornelsen has appeared in different investment and publication websites as a business leader with wide knowledge in matters of finance. Corporation and individuals also consult him on a matter relating to finances. The main business strategy Igor uses is long-term investments. According to him, venturing into long-term ventures is the best way to go and thus, encourages people to go in this direction. He also advises his clients to consider investing their money in damaged stocks, since they are less costly and stabilize after sometime giving good returns.

Another aspect Igor emphasizes on is diversification. Diversification enhances the likelihood of investors to reap huge profits from their widespread stock portfolio. He also advises investors to avoid being involved with damaged businesses. From what experience has taught him, damaged companies are risky to invest in, and they mostly lead to loss of investment. Igor Cornelsen engages in foreign trade. Although it’s a lucrative area to get involved in, Cornelsen advises the investors to first learn about the regulation and laws of a foreign nation so that they can work without experiencing major incidents.

Cornelsen also encourages entrepreneurs to gauge the limitations and advantages of money lending organizations before applying for a loan. He argues that some financial institutions offer friendly interests than others, and learning this can help borrowers make informed decisions. He further advises people not to wait too long to invest. According to Cornelsen, people who invest early make huge proceeds in the future. At Bainbridge, Cornelsen helps young entrepreneurs learn about the unexpected and expected market trends. He also trains entrepreneurs on how to acquire investors and help the investors work towards achieving the vision on the business.

Fagali’i – Gateway to Paradise

Fagali’I Airport is a small airport with a big job to fulfill. The people of the island of Upolu depend on Fagali Airport every single day as it is the main means of arriving and departing the island as well as the main commercial transportation center. The airport is served by five airlines and offers both inter-island service around Samoa as well as international connection flights via Pago Pago and America Samoa airports. The modern terminal is bright, spacious and well appointed. The staff is always welcoming and friendly, with a warm smile, and a generous attitude. Read more about Fagali Airport at Wikipedia.

Fagali’I is located about five kilometers southwest of the islands major population center the city of Apia. Apia serves as the island capital and is the thirds largest Samoan city. Apia is located on the northern coast with a stunning view of the larger Savai’i Island and the South Pacific. Located just outside of Apia is the Royal Samoan Golf Course, which offers world-class golfing. The city is a cultural hub of exciting activities including museums, classical churches, large luxury hotels, nightclubs, gourmet restaurants, beautiful nature areas, and more. Shopping abounds and there is always something to do.

Elsewhere on the island, you will find breathtaking blue lagoons, white sand beaches, deep sea pools, and unspoiled forests. Small villages keep traditional lifestyles of the Samoan people alive, and tourist destination showcase art, music, and food. No matter what you love to do, you will find an activity on Upolu to satisfy your interests.

When booking your Upolu Samoan vacation, you will discover that there is more to explore, more to experience, and more to love. Without a doubt, after just a few hours on the island, you will also discover that there is a reason why they call this paradise on earth. Talk to your travel professional today about Upolu and Fagali’I Airport, your gateway to paradise.

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How Matt Badiali Helps Banyan Hill Publishing

Since he’s the Chief Resource Investment Expert, Matt Badiali knows his dedication to Banyan Hill Publishing can make a huge difference in the way the company works to help more people. He knows a lot about both investments and finances in general. Since he started working, he’s been doing a lot to make a difference for the people he works with. He also knows things will keep getting better for people who take his investment advice and people who make sure they’re doing things the right way with the investment opportunities they have on their own. Matt Badiali believes he can make a difference for all the people he works with and that’s something he feels good about. There are times when he has to make sure he’s doing everything the right way so he can show more people what they can get on their own.

By the way Matt Badiali works on financial resources, he feels good about what he’s doing and how he can give back to other people. There are times when he has to make sure he’s doing things the right way so he can show others what they can get on their own. It makes sense for Badiali to do things right and make sure things are continuing to get better for all the people he works with. As long as Badiali can continue showing people what they need out of different situations, he can show them they’re getting things done the right way on their own.

As long as Matt Badiali feels good about the investments and how to use the resources, he can continue showing people what they need to do to make more out of the situations they’re dealing with. He can also show people the right way to do things on their own. If they have the resources need to invest, they can make more out of the things that he shows them how to do. It makes sense for Badiali to do this since he knows a lot about investing and what resources work the best for different situations.

A Snapshot Of DAMAC Properties Portfolio And Hussain Sajwani, The DAMAC Owner

At the heart of the desert kingdom, United Arabs Emirates lays a billionaire who is renowned for his unassailable expertise in real estate properties and his philanthropic acts. Meet Mr. Hussain Sajwani who serves at the legendary property company by name DAMAC Properties as its Founder and Chairman

The DAMAC owner studied at the University of Washington shortly after which he commenced his career at GASCO as the Contracts Manager. Later he ventured into his own business which stabilized him to begin a catering venture in 1982. Under the management of Hussain Sajwani, this catering business became the market leader managing over 200 projects with a serving capacity of 150,000 meals per day across Africa, CIS, and the Middle East.

According to Al Jazeera, in 2002, Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, went deeper in business and established a real estate business in the name of DAMAC Properties. The company has become one of the largest and successful property development firms in the UAE. His unparalleled expertise in marketing, legal, finance, sales, and administration of property development have formed the propeller of DAMAC Properties’ success.

One of the things this indomitable company is known for is the building of luxurious, quality, and well-designed properties, from hotels to residential buildings, gaming parlors to commercial buildings. Some of the fruits of his company that this DAMAC owner is proud of include Nine Elms Property Limited which is jointly owned venture between Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties in Dubai and DAMAC International Limited Company.

Also, he is proud of Mina Al Sultan Qaboos and AYKON Maldives Resort property developments. The former is a joint venture between the DAMAC owner and Omran where Hussain Sajwani has the largest share. The latter is based at the Maldives archipelago and is fully owned by DAMAC International Company Limited. It consists of world-class bungalows, villas, spas, dining, resorts, and fitness facilities.

When it comes to the investment field, Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, owns an investment firm which has more than AED 3 billion worth of assets under its management. The firm is known as DICO Investments which was established in 1992.

In the field of construction and building materials, he serves at Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. and Al Amana Building Material as the Chairman and majority shareholder respectively. The former dominates entire Oman when it comes to manufacturing of ceramics. In the catering sector, he is a major shareholder at Al Jazeira Services Company which a joint venture with Omani Joint Stock Company.

Hussain Sajwani | Twitter

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Drew Madden founds Evergreen Healthcare Partners

The United States healthcare system is often touted by some as being the best in the world. While it is true that the United States leads the pack in certain specialties, like the treatment of childhood cancers and the transplantation of organs, the idea that the United States delivers world-class healthcare to the majority of its citizens is, unfortunately, not as true as it once was.

Today, the United States spends on healthcare over two and a half times what the second-highest-spending country in the world does. And most developed countries spend just tiny fractions of the overall per-capita expenditures laid out by the American populace on healthcare.

This is bad news for the richest country in history, which has long prided itself on its ability to apply market solutions to just about any endeavor. While there are many explanations as to why healthcare costs in the United States, in real-dollar terms, have increased by more than five times since the 1970s, one man, Drew Madden, has a concrete idea of what we might be able to do to start lowering those costs.

Having spent nearly 20 years in the healthcare industry, few people have as much expertise as Drew Madden when it comes to analyzing the American healthcare system. Madden believes that one of the best things that we can start doing to lower the outrageous costs of healthcare is to empower patients to make more informed decisions. This can be done, says Madden, through a combination of more transparent pricing and the creation of platforms that make it easy for patients to compare healthcare services and products.

Madden recently founded his own healthcare consulting firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, precisely in order to address this issue. He says that his firm is working on development of the tools that will someday soon help patients to discern between the services and products that they are being offered. Madden says that patients will soon be able to make apples-to-apples comparisons of things like surgeries and insurance policies with the same ease that they can look up reviews of local restaurants.