Kim Dao’s 2nd Day in Singapore

At 9:45 a.m., Kim Dao and Eric left their hotel room to go down for breakfast. Kim Dao had a poached egg, some plain oatmeal, sausages, and a tomato. After breakfast, Kim Dao and her boyfriend returned to the $600 a night hotel room to rest up for their final full day in  Singapore. At lunchtime, the couple left the hotel to eat at the Marina Bay area to get some chicken and rice for lunch.Learn more :


Wao Hao restaurant was located on the fourth floor of the Marina Square mall. Kim Dao and Eric scanned the menu trying to decide whether to get a whole or half chicken. Kim Dao ordered a half chicken for herself with an aloe vera drink, and chicken broth. The plate of chicken came with some greens, some red sauce she could put on, and a side of white rice.Learn more :

After lunch, Kim Dao went shopping and tried on a white jacket at Zara’s. She liked the jacket because the pockets were real. After leaving Marina Square, Kim Dao went to the Esplanade Mall. Singapore has some businesses like The Coffee Bean that can be found in the United States.



Kim Dao especially wanted to go to the marina to see the white lion fountains that seemed to spurt water from their mouths. It was so hot, Kim Dao and Eric walked back in the to the hotel. Along the way back to the hotel, the couple walked passed the Singapore Supreme Court building.Learn more :