How Securus Technologies Enhances Safety in our Community

The crime menace in our society has either led people to hospitals beds or graves. As the world takes a new dive into technology, solving the crime is the primary priority for most correctional facilities. As such, Securus Technologies, a leading service provider of crime prevention in over 2,000 correctional facilities has taken several measures to promote safety in the community. Robert Johnson’s Story On that morning, Mr. Robert Johnson was preparing for work as usual. At around 5:30 A.M., he heard a loud bang on his door. Followed by a forceful entry, Johnson saw an intruder in his corridor. That is when it all began. The intruder made his way to Johnson. The following events saw Robert Johnson being shot and later admitted to the hospital. The admission sent chills down the wife’s spine as she was asked to prepare for the husband’s funeral. The life-threatening situation left Johnson with numerous gunshots and wounds. Doctors were sure that it was the end of the road for him. Background Data After undergoing a series of surgeries, Johnson recuperated. He then chose to dedicate his life to save his community. Having worked at Lee Correctional Institution, he is a former corrections officer who has worked hard to make sure that what happened to him does not repeat itself. Consequently, seven years down the backstory, Johnson is still narrating his ordeal. According to him, the intruder would not have hurt him had he been locked away earlier enough. So now, his commitment lies in working with the police department to end the use of contraband cell phones. Johnson In his past experiences that roll over to 15 years, Johnson ensured that he intercepted a contraband package that belonged to one prison gang. After the confiscation, those suspects were questioned and shockingly, they were trying to reach Johnson’s assailant. Aiding Crime All too often, cell phones have been used to support crimes. In jails especially, inmates use contrabands to organize murders and circulate drugs among other crimes. At Securus Technologies, the primary objective of working with the likes of Robert Johnson is to prevent such crimes. Partnerships Besides, Securus Technologies is working with correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies to provide safety to our community. Towards that, the company develops solutions for crime prevention. Moreover, it is projected that every week, Securus Technologies works with technology experts to make sure that every week, a gadget is invented to promote safety in the jail system. Wireless Containment System One of the gadgets Securus Technologies recently came up with is The Wireless Containment System. This technology bears as a secure network that allows the management of the corrections’ industry to choose what happens to the calls made. Depending on the content of the call, the administration can either block or let through specific calls. Overview Conclusively, the management of Securus Technologies includes the input of investors and experts to get cell phones away from the inmates. Through this Wireless Containment System, Securus Technologies has been able to allow emergency calls as well as management calls to connect.

Securus Technologies Focusing on Acquisition to Consolidate its Position in the Corrections Space

Securus Technologies has been one of the leading suppliers of correctional services in the United States and Canada. The company was established in 1986 and has been growing steadily ever since. One of the reasons why Securus Technologies has maintained its consistent growth is due to its focus on innovation and growth at the same time. The company has also set up a highly modern and sophisticated research center in Dallas, Texas, which is open to investors as well as the customers to come and check out. Securus Technologies has also been focusing heavily on acquiring other companies in the correctional field to have the edge over the competition and consolidate its position in the industry.


Securus Technologies has gained tremendous support from the law enforcement agencies it serves because the investigative technology offered by the company has helped save lives of many officers on duty. It also helps in catching the criminals and gathering the evidence against the offenders, so that they can be convicted with ease in the court of law. Securus Technologies recently announced that they had acquired GovPayNet, which is the leading provider of payment processing services in the correctional field. GovPayNet has millions of customers and facilitates payments made to the government by the inmates and their families.


With the acquisition of GovPayNet, the position of Securus Technologies is further enhanced in the correctional sphere. It would help the company to not only increase its revenue but also strengthen its customer base. The company’s revenue has been growing consistently in the past few years, and it is primarily due to the quality of services Securus Technologies offer along with the customer service it has. Securus Technologies is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, which is one of the most respected quality standards rating provider in the corporate world.

Securus Technologies Has Great Customer Feedback On New Forum

You can build your customer account with features and services with customer support from a forum with Securus Technologies and learn what others like yourself have to say about the network. You can easily get a feature from their descriptive tabs on their website, but others have said it is nice to here what actual users of the features are saying. They have reported spending less money, saving time, talking over a reliable network, and being able to stay connected to their friends or love ones. More importantly, they have also been apart of a stabilized inmate calling network at Securus.


Securus Technologies Features


Are you with another provider and you’re not sure about how to order services and feel like you’re paying for features you don’t use, but don’t get the time with your love ones you need? You can get Securus features and become a part of a network that devotes an entire platform on what their customers have to say about their service. They also use their network forum as a way to prevent crime beyond incarceration. Securus CEO, Rick Smith, says, it is important for him to stop telecommunications crimes where they exist through the Securus Technologies network.


Rick Smith’s Tenure As CEO Of Securus

Rick Smith has served as the CEO of Securus for some time, and this article explains how he has helped the company progress. Securus is one of the finest telecommunications companies in the world, and it is focused on ensuring that people will have a way to contact friends and family in jail. The company has set up many communications for their customers, and they have partnered with many different jails in video and audio technician.

#1: The Video Technology

The video technology that was created by Rick Smith Securus has been set up to ensure that customers will have a way to see someone while they talk. The video cameras have been installed in many prisons around the country, and the cameras are set up in front of each inmate. The cameras offer a strong video signal, and the phone calls are connected on the same network.

#2: Audio Quality

The audio quality that is offered by Securus is stronger than any other company in the industry, and someone who is calling on Securus will hear a clear connection that they almost cannot believe. This is an important distinction for the people who are calling from far away, and someone who wishes to place a call with the Securus network will hear strong call quality. Read more on

#3: Rick’s Tenure

Rick’s Tenure with the company has been one of the best in the industry because it has allowed his brand to grow quite a lot. The Securus staff has ensured that more fine technology ideas has been formed with this company. Rick Smith believes in making changes at the company that will serve the public and their customers. Law enforcement may use the voice recognition software that was built by the company, and the people on the network hear that their calls are secure. There is no static or interruption on each call, and the calls sound secure as they are connected.

#4: Rick’s Leadership

Rick has grown the company for some time using his experience, and he knows that it is possible to expand this company quite a lot more than it already has. His company has grown because he wanted to find as many partners as possible. He has worked with many different companies and programmers to improve the Securus network, and it shows that his company is serving more than their bottom line.


It is quite important for someone to ensure that they are taking their visitations with Securus when they cannot travel to the jails. The jails have higher morale because they have people inside who are chatting with friends and family. This is an important thing for prisoners, and Rick Smith wants everyone to use Securus to remain connected.

Customers Want To Visit Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been the leader of the public safety field for many years. They are always creating new ways to keep the public safe, and to solve and stop crimes. One of their latest technologies is Video Visitation in the prisons across the nations. Their customers are finding that this technique is helping in many ways. It allows the inmates to see and hear their loved ones on a regular basis.


Since the customers are always interested in what the company is creating, Securus Technologies has offered an invitation to them. The company wants people to visit their Dallas, TX site in order to see just what they are working on. With a tour and a presentation of the plant, the people will be able to ask questions and get a great idea of what the company is all about.


The world knows Securus Technologies for the work that it does. All across the nation, facilities are using their techniques to keep them safer for everyone. They work in both the criminal and civil sectors of justice on a regular basis, and they are dealing with at least 1,100,000 prisoners every year. Since they want the world to be a safer place for everyone, they create new technologies on a weekly basis that are being used all over the country.