The Hope of Atlantic City Renewed by the Boraie Company

A report released by The Press of Atlantic City showed that over 61 percent of the houses in the city have lasted for over 40 years, and indication that the city needs new building projects. The Boraie Development LLC has begun a project known as The Beach at South Intel to cater for housing in the region. The renowned real estate development agency, Boraie, is aiming to provide the most modern housing system in the region. The complex is expected to have all the modern social amenities such as swimming pool and gym among others. The development is a sign of hope to the city that it might revive it to be an economic giant in the region. The city suffered drawback as a gamming city when other surrounding states opened casinos. The city is now expecting to grow on nongaming activities. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The project is expected to have 250 apartments and provide accommodation to about 50,000 people. The complex is going to be beneficial to individuals within the Atlantic City and its surrounding. The $81 million project is expected to be opened by next summer. The Vice President Wasseem Boraie is optimistic that the project will satisfy the need of the modern generation renters. The new complex is expected to attract people from the neighborhood and cause growth in the city.

Boraie, in partnership with other institutions, has managed to build more residential and commercial facilities in the region. Some of the notable projects are the John J. Heldrich Center, The Heldrich Hotel, and Conference Center, the completion of Devco Gateway Transit Village and many more. Check out State Theatre New Jersey for more.

The founder of the Boraie Development LLC, Omar Boraie, is a prosperous developer in New Brunswick. He engages in charitable activities in the region. He was a Board Member of Trustees for the State Theater. He had also sponsored various events in the area. Sam Boraie has also contributed significantly to the growth of the company; his leadership skills have enabled the company to work as a team and associate with other institutions to change the face of towns and cities. Wasseem is a selfless leader, and he gives credit to all the institutions and persons who have contributed to the achievements of the company. Due to his selflessness, he has managed to partner with different persons and institution to see the dream of the Boraie Development LLC is achieved. The company is also involved in charity activities within the community.

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Hussain Sajwani Builds A Brighter Future In The Arab World

Across many Arab nations, the economy remains mired in the complex contracts and industrial sector of the oil and gas industry but in the United Arab Emirates, a dedicated push is underway to build a better and brighter future for the people of the country to enjoy. One of those who is playing a key role in the development of this new cultural direction towards construction and new technologies is DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani who has been building his own successful career across almost four decades. Learn more:


Hussain Sajwani came to the attention of the majority of the public in 2016 when he was given a seat at the New Year’s Eve party given in Florida and namechecked by the then President-Elect for his impressive business success across the world. The close working relationship between President Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani has seen the family of the UAE-based billionaire mingle with that of the Commander-in-Chief as the real estate moguls continue to eye future business deals.


President Trump may have imposed a personal ban on completing new international deals while he is still resident within The White House but the opening of a 2018 Dubai golf course led luxury real estate complex centered around a course designed by golfing legend Tiger Woods should seal the future of the relationship between the two moguls. Tne Trump-branded golf course resort is the last planned real estate development between Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump but the success already achieved has allowed Sajwani to retain a $2 billion deal which will remain in place until Trump has completed his term in office.


Headquartered in Dubai, DAMAC Properties has quickly become one of the most important real estate development companies in UAE since being founded in 2002. The many luxury apartments and condo units created by the company have seen innovative marketing campaigns undertaken by Hussain Sajwani including the giving of a free Bentley car to all buyers of luxury properties purchased from DAMAC.