Rocketship Education Propels Students to Success

Schools in Tennessee are aware of how much their students have progressed, but schools in Davidson County have to wait an entire year to see how their students have progressed. When fall arrives and the TNReady results, student proficiency will be the focus. Many schools in the Nashville area are using a system known as the NWEA assessment that helps to track the progress of students. It accesses how much each student has progressed throughout the year, but proficiency scores only relay a certain amount of information. It will determine whether or not a student is where they need to be but growth scores or value-added, scores determine where a student is at no matter where they began.

MAP assessments are being used in many districts all over the world and in over 7,400 schools. Rocketship Schools have been using MAP since they started and Director Joseph has been using MAP assessments in many Metro Nashville Public Schools in the past year.

Many students who are impoverished are actually behind at school when they begin, and they never catch up. Many students in the Nashville area are at a great disadvantage due to their circumstances, but a good school has the potential to bridge the gap. At Rocketship Academy many of their students come from poverty-stricken homes. In just the past year alone 146 students began the school year behind according to academic standards but ended the school year not only where they are expected to be but above grade level. On average, Rocketship students grow on average 1.35 in math and 1.2 years in reading.

Rocketship Public Schools believe that every student deserves the chance to excel and to have a chance for a great education no matter what their living circumstances may be. Rocketship Public Schools is a network of non-profit charter schools that helps its students to achieve their goals and to even become over-achievers. They are dedicated to closing the gap that some of their students may be struggling with and to change the communities that they function in for the better through a better education.