Betsy DeVos- Shy In Private And A Fighter When She Needs To Be

Right before our president decided to take away a federal policy that allows transgender high school students to use any bathroom they want, Betsy DeVos met with a representative to discuss it. The employee she met with works for the Department of Education and she was wanting to warn him about the president’s actions.


While speaking with Betsy, her aid was quick to reassure the employee that she was unaware of what the president was about to do beforehand or she would have tried to stop it. Before the president’s announcement, Betsy DeVos made no indication in the public eye that she was aware the policy was about to be rescinded.


Anyone who knows Betsy is aware of the fact that she will fight as hard as she can for anything she believes in. She is a leading advocate for charter schools across the country and promotes school voucher programs. She is the former chairwoman for the Michigan Republican Party. Both she and her husband, Dick DeVos, are big supporters of the GOP.


In her home state of Michigan, Betsy has earned a reputation for being ruthless and driven. She will not stop fighting for what she believes in. Betsy and Dick are heirs to their family fortunes. This hasn’t made them lazy, however. They both use their passion for education and their money to work towards a better educational future for the kids in America. Betsy will use her fortune to punish anyone who stands in her way. Alternately, she will use it to reward those that work with her to accomplish her goals.


How Betsy DeVos And Pitbull Came Together


Earlier last year, Betsy and Pitbull had the chance to meet. They were both in Miami at the time and decided to speak about their mutual love for charter schools and educational choice programs. While on a trip to Florida to visit some charter schools, one school included a private Christian school that was founded by rapper Pitbull.


Pitbull has opened many charter schools across the state. The first one he opened is in Miami, Florida. Many residents were originally unhappy with the fact that Pitbull was to be celebrity founder of the school. He has been known to abuse drugs and alcohol in the past. Also, some of his lyrics for his songs contain a lot of misogyny and profanity.


Betsy DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan. When she was younger, she began her career working for her father at his auto parts company. She eventually went off to college and found her passion for education and politics.


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Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a very notable American Mathematician. Lacey recevied his PH.D from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champagne in 1987.

His thesis was in the area of Probability, ergodic, theory and most importantly harmonic analysis. He held pos doctoral positions at Louisiana State University and University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

While at UNC, Lacey and his former mentor, Walter Philip gave their proof of the almost sure central limit theorem. In 1996, Michael Lacey joined the Georgia tech faculty. After joining the Georgia Tech faculty, his research was recognized by many awards, such as, The Guggenheim and Simmons foundation.

Lacey has also been the director of training grants, like V.I.G.R.E and M.C.T.P awards from the NFS, which has supported many undergraduates, graduates and posdocs.

He has advised and mentored many undergraduates, many who have gone on to some of the most prestigous graduate programs and PH.D students who have gone on to perform well in academic and industry jobs. Michael Lacey has mentored more than 10 posdoc students and also enjoys mentoring pre doctoral and doctoral students.

His research interest include probability and harmonic analysis (calculation of fourier series and generalizations). His field of interest include, pure mathematics.

Michael Lacey joined the faculty of Georgia Tech in 1996. He quickly became professor and associate chair to the faculty. He is very accomplished in the field of Mathematics, and is dedicated to his students and research.

His former and present students have nothing but positive things to say about the Georgia Tech professor.

His many awards and love for math is an inspiration to those looking to enter the field of mathematics.

As one student put it, we need more professors of mathematics like Mr, Lacey to inspire student and to show students that we don’t have to fear math, it’s ok to embrace it.

George Soros a strong advocate for the grass roots activists

George Soros that is the true face of the Ferguson protests. George Soros has galvanized these protests through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the country. George Soros has given $33 million in one year to support groups that support grass-roots and activists in Ferguson. George Soros’ financial support helped transform a one-day protest into a 24-hour-a-day national movement. George Soros’ organizations build grass-roots groups on the ground, that are backed up by a nationwide online and social media targeted campaign. George Soros drew bus loads of activists from all over the country to Ferguson, to help protest. Read this story about George at

George Soros intention was aimed at keeping the media focused on the city and the true reason behind the incident, which includes overpolicing and racial discrimination. George Soros help grow Black Lives Matter from a simple hashtage into a social media craze, which included a bus tour and march. George Soros has given the cities of Ferguson and Staten Island $5.4 million to help spur police reform, accountability and public transparency.

George Soros’ own organization Open Society Foundation has been key in keeping this movement alive. The foundation’s money has been given to help establish grass-roots organizations such as the “Hands Up Coalition.” George Soros’ foundation managed nearly $685 million in 2012. Soros’ actions created the opportunity for local Clergy to help keep the narrative of what really happened in Ferguson alive.

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George Soros has been known to contribute large sums of money to Democratic candidates and causes. However, in 2004 he scaled back his funding after failing to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004. He has now become more vocal and has begun giving even more as he headed into the 2016 election. George Soros has contributed or promised more than $25 million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and other Democratic candidates and causes.

Associates of George Soros have said that Soros has a fortune of nearly $24.9 billion, made through risky currency trades. George Soros was planning to witness Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic presidential nomination, but decided to cancel so he could closely monitor the economic uncertainty in Europe. George Soros has become more politically engaged than he has in years because of his strong faith in Clinton and his personal fears of a President Donald Trump. Read more at The New York Times about George.

George Soros has donated $7 million to a super PAC that supports Clinton. He’s expected to give them another $3 million. FEC records show George Soros has given $2 million to an opposition research PAC that has targeted Donald Trump and other key Republican candidates. Soros has also contributed $5 million to a PAC that works to increase Hispanic voter turnout in key swing states. He also gave $5 million to a group fighting to combat Republican efforts attempt to restrict voting.

Dick DeVos focuses charity on local Michigan schools

Dick DeVos has always been one who practices what he preaches. Unsatisfied with the direction in which Michigan’s Republican Party was headed, DeVos decided that, in 2006, he would run for the governorship of the state. Although he narrowly lost to then-incumbent governor Jennifer Granholm, he demonstrated that compassionate conservatives still had a good chance of winning political contests in a state that has been heavily dominated by Democratic politics.


But DeVos has also been unafraid to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to his ideas about the way education should be structured within the United States. Over the course of his philanthropic career, DeVos has given away more than $110 million to charitable causes, most of which have been centered around the area where he lives, West Michigan.


The extent of DeVos’ philanthropy was recently made public as a result of his wife, Betsy DeVos, being vetted for her post of Secretary of Education, to which she was appointed recently by president Donald Trump. One of the most striking aspects of DeVos’ philanthropy is the extent to which he has donated to local educational causes. Some of the institutions to which DeVos has contributed include Grand Valley State University Downtown Grand Rapids Campus, Compass College of Cinematic Arts, Ferris State University, Northwood University, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning School and one of the more unique projects, West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter high school dedicated to teaching disadvantaged youth aeronautical science and other skills related to aviation.


DeVos has long been intensely interested in lifting up the most disadvantaged young people. DeVos has always believed that true equality should never be denied children, solely based on the zip code in which they are raised. To this end, he and his wife have financed a large number of charter schools and given significant sums to many more. One of these, the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning School, has helped thousands of some of the most disadvantaged young people in the state of Michigan overcome their economic hardships and become productive and highly educated citizens. It is through efforts like these that DeVos is doing much more than advocating for charter schools or other ideology-based positions. He is directly funding actual projects that are changing lives. Through these projects, DeVos has proven the concept of charter schools and demonstrated to the world that there are viable alternatives to the current failing public school system in the United States.


Many of DeVos’ critics actually come from the education sector themselves. But far from being honest, disinterested critics of an idea that they genuinely believe is flawed, many of DeVos’ most vehement critics are themselves employed by the education system, relying completely on its continuance for their livelihood. Many of these teachers and administrators know that they could not be hired at a performance-based charter school.