Mikhail Blogosklonny’s Goal of Improving Humanity Through Oncology

Mikhail (Misha) V. Blagosklonny, M.D., Ph.D. is a renowned scientist who has specialized in studying cancer and aging. On 15th April 2009, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York appointed Dr. Blagosklonny a Professor of Oncology.

Education and Career Background of Dr. Blagosklonny

Mikhail has an M.D. in Internal Medicine and Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. In 2002, the New York Medical College, Valhalla appointed Dr. Mikhail an associate professor of medicine. He later served as a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute in Albany, New York until 2009 when the Roswell Park Cancer Institute appointed him a Professor of Oncology due to his skills and experience. Visit classroomvoices.org to read more about Mikhail.

Dr. Blagosklonny’s Editorial Activities

Mikhail Blagosklonny uses his profession to bring change to humankind by writing on issues which affect people. He has been able to write more than one hundred and seventy reviews, articles, and book chapters. His works are mostly about the theory of aging hyperfunction, cell cyclotherapy, and chemotherapeutic engineering. Dr.Blagosklonny is a Founder and the Editor-in-Chief of the Cell Cycle, Aging, and Oncortarget as well as an Associate Editor of Cancer Research, Cancer Biology & Therapy, Autophagy, Cell Death & Differentiation, American Journal of Pathology, International Journal of Cancer, and PLUS ONE. Mikhail’s goal is to have people live free from cancer and aging effects. He motivates and encourages young scientists in his line of work by letting them write articles on oncology.

Mikhail’s Research Interest

Mikhail is a pre-eminent researcher whose interests varies from cellular and molecular biology to clinical investigation and includes cell cycle, cellular senescence, signal transduction, anticancer therapeutics with much emphasis on translation of the basic science into new anticancer approaches. Dr. Blagosklonny revealed the possible targets for slowing down aging as well as the age-related illnesses by extending the study of signal transduction pathways from cancer to aging. With regards to research on longevity, Mikhail is termed a passionate advocate for rapamycin, a popular cancer drug since he proposed this drug to be a possible treatment for life extension.

Mikhail is greatly influencing the world through his works. Young scientists should emulate him and research widely on things that will improve humanity.

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