Juan “OG” Perez: Everything Is Love with Good Friends

The driving force behind rapper Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, Juan “OG” Perez and wife Desiree received special recognition from the rap mogul and his wife Beyonce on their song “Friends” featured on their latest album “Everything is Love”. The song pays tribute to Juan “OG” Perez as he has been close friends with Jay Z since the rapper started his initial label Roc Nation in 1996.

As Jay-Z grew in popularity, so did the bond with Juan “OG” Perez. Featured in the debut album of Jay Z and Beyonce’s collaboration, The Carters, Juan “OG” Perez and Desiree Perez are recognized as being a couple who have stood with their friends Jay Z and Beyonce through thick and thin.

Roc Nation is all about friendship and staying together, from the streets of Brooklyn to the untimely success of Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Tinder. Nothing has proven this more than the bond between Juan “OG” Perez, Desiree Perez, and Jay-Z, and Beyonce. The friendship goes beyond what people might think when first hearing about who is inside Jay-Z and Beyonce’s inner circle. It is gratifying to see how the two mega-stars do not forget their roots and remain a true friendship with people who are not in the business.

A recent move by Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney to evict Jay-Z’s Made in America festival from Philadelphia was stopped by cooperation with Roc Nation COO Desiree Perez. Desiree Perez and Jay-Z worked together on keeping the festival in Philadelphia and the Roc Nation emblem strong with the festival. This is a testament to the strength of friendship between the four.

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How Clayton Hutson Developed His Skills In The Rock’N’Roll Industry

Clayton Hutson started out his career in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in theater design and then started to garner experience. His first stop was working as a sound engineer on some Billy Graham national tours. From there he broke into behind the scenes roles at rock concerts. He developed a wide range of marketable skills by working for others and also found the time to earn an MBA.

He now runs his own live entertainment business. Among the top musicians he has worked for are Guns N’ Roses, Pink, OneDirection, and Kid Rock. Some of his positions beyond being a sound engineer include being a monitor engineer, production manager, and stage manager. In 2017 he worked on OneRepublic’s “Honda Civic Tour” where he was responsible for running the automatic rigging system. This tour took him all over North America and Asia.

One key skill Clayton Hutson has developed is working with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. He says that before arriving at a venue he has already modeled its dimensions. The reason for this is that a concert tour can have the most incredible equipment in the business but if you can’t fit it in the door then it’s really not going to do anyone any good.

In order to attract new clients to his business, he says that he makes sure every detail is accounted for. He also has a great reputation for being a hard worker who never shies away from putting in long hours. As Clayton Hutson has developed a solid reputation who is dedicated to his craft and profession he picks up a lot of new clients from referrals.

Before each show, he goes through his work several times in order to make sure it was absolutely done right. In his business mistakes can lead to injuries or worse. He says that if he were to ever commit a serious error his reputation would likely never recover from it. For this reason, he always puts safety first and makes sure that all of the equipment is organized in a sensible manner.

In order to keep his client’s satisfied Clayton Hutson says that he has to keep up with developments in the industry. While giant video screens are a mainstay of holding a concert he says that he likes it when artists focus on other things like eye-catching stunts and acrobatics.


Alex Pall, the Excellent Creative Musician

Chainsmoker band has released unique song which involves collaboration of Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart, Both individuals are passionate in music.Mathias Rosenzweig has carried an interview with Alex Pall on the same. Alex was a DJ in New York as a side job which he realized he had given it a larger weight and he eventually decided to quit the career and give it fully concentration. Alex meet Andrew through their current manager and they started working jointly where Andrew moved out of Maine for them to build their musical interest closely. Having a partner with common interest and skills has helped them greatly in building their talents which lately they view them as their career. Having common interest and goals in the table with information about what was to build and promote their music passion and what would terminate it, it was a starting point that would clearly define their success.


Music is the only source of the daily bread and Alex has to put more efforts of moving to great levels and become the best artist. Pall views his career music as self evaluation and self test journey. Alex believes in attempting new things and going for the best that meets personal satisfaction. Alex believes that one cannot just produce an album that contains only hinting songs it should be cohesive one considering all gradual changes they have gone through not matter how urgently the fans are expecting or requesting it. According to Pall, having Halsey in their song is greatest come true dream they have ever experienced. Halsey is calm and special artist of will never make mistakes to hold an apology for something is talented in. According to him the song as marked great achievement his music career. Alex is excited that through social media they are able to get large geographical coverage and their songs have general message that covers all ages with gender equality interest catered for. Alex dream is to continue bringing new things and make tours that will entertain their fans differently and keep pushing for great things.