The Brown Agency Was Launched In 2015 And It’s Been Uphill From Then

If you’re from Austin, Texas or you’re familiar with the modelling agency, then you’ve probably heard of The Brown Agency. What you may not know is they were launched in 2015 and since then, things have continued to go uphill. Read on for more information about the acquisition and the agency.


The Acquisition

In 2015, Heyman Talent-South was purchased by Wilhelmina Austin. Shortly after the acquisition, the company re-launched as The Brown Agency. As a result of the acquisition, The Brown Agency has a more diverse portfolio of talent. The acquisition made sense because both companies (before they merged) were two of Austin’s largest talent agencies. Now it’s safe to say that The Brown Agency is probably the largest talent and modelling agency in the city.


Work Their Models And Talent Has Done

The Brown Agency is home to a range of talented individuals, including models. Their Austin-based models and talent have worked with the likes of Dell, Louis Vuitton and Loreal. In fact, they’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of well-known brands and companies.


Models for the Brown Agency has walked many runways. They have worked at shows such as New York Fashion Week and Austin Fashion Week. Other well-known shows includes Dallas Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week. These are only a few of the many runway shows their models have done.


Social Media

On social media, The Brown Agency enjoys sharing content relevant to the modeling and talent industry. For example, on Instagram the agency has shared things such as announcing the signing of new talent and/or models and they post about upcoming events. On Facebook, they post similar content, while on Instagram they share photos of their talent and models. All of the agency’s social media profiles are updated regularly, which is why it’s recommended that upcoming models or those wanting to be models should follow them on social media.


For those who have hopes of being signed by The Brown Agency can visit in person. They hold weekly auditions. Alternatively, you can visit the company’s website to learn more about auditioning or about the company in general.