Madison Street Capital Helps Napoleon Machine Expand Manufacturing

Recently PR Newswire published the article “Madison Street Capital Acts as Exclusive Financial Advisor, Arranges Credit Facilities for Napoleon Machine”. The article discusses the investment firm recent arrangement of credit for the Napoleon Machine. It has added value to manufacturing services, particularly, precision machine, painting, light, metal fabricating, and assembly for steel components. The CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway announced the arrangement with Steven Richards, the Vice President of Capital Markets and Barry Peterson, the Senior Managing Director.


The facility will create better access to operating capital, which in turn will allow Napoleon to expand its manufacturing. This will ensure that the company can reach the needs of the customers while still allowing the company to grow steadily. The President of Napoleon Machine, Kevin Febrey, indicated that Madison Street Capital was dedicated to understanding both the story of the company and the possible opportunities for the company. The deep understanding of Madison Street Capital was necessary for the transaction. The steel industry has an incredibly intense nature which required creative solutions. The solution will allow Napoleon Machine to have access to much more capital, allowing them to grow.


Napoleon Machine is a provider of manufacturing services like agricultural, automotive, aerospace, construction, and machinery manufacturing as well as nuclear power generation and robotics. It provides high quality products like machine bases, structural frames, oil pump frames, and heat exchangers. It can create these products according to the needs of the client between 200 and 60,000 pounds. It can also create high-end tooling machines like missile launch tooling and others that require a narrow tolerance.


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