Why Waiakea is different from other companies

Many people today are using bottled water instead of tap water because they have realized it comes with many benefits to the body of the consumers. That is why the industry is growing immensely because of the growth in the size of the market every year. One may think that most of these water brands use the same approach when it comes to the packaging of their water and sourcing. However, when purchasing the water, you need to consider a reliable brand with a proven record. That will enable you to consume not only save water but one with several benefits in your body.

Waiakea Water Company is Hawaiian water that was launched a few years ago, and it has experienced steady growth because of the different approach it uses in the market. The founder of the company, Ryan Emmons is not only focused on making profits because he uses the principle of triple bottom line in running the company. The company focuses on this approach whereby it focuses on benefits, the planet, and people. The successful CEO was born in Santa Barbara, California. He grew in both Hawaii and California. The idea of Waiakea Water came to him when he was a freshman in the Marshall Business School.

With the help of a college known as Matt Meyer, he started the company which has today become a coveted organization. However, his friend went on to do other things, but he still serves on the board. The CEO got an opportunity that is rare as the leased the Hawaiian artesian for 99 years. They secured it by paying rent. They were privileged because this is a precious resource for the people of Hawaii. Since then the company has experienced exponential growth. It has established other manufacturing facilities because they want to support the company to achieve global demand.

One may think that Waiakea water is expensive because of the way it is manufactured and how it is healthy for the users. But this is not true. The Hawaiian volcanic water is affordable to consumers. Ryan Emmons focuses on ensuring the water is affordable to almost every consumer.


Neurocore Seeks Effective ADHD Treatments

It won’t come as a surprise to most people to hear that ADHD is one of the most prevalent conditions affecting the youth of today but just how should we go about treating this neurological disorder? Research on the condition began back in the mid-1970’s when a scientist known as J.F. Lubar began studying the effects of neurofeedback on patients with ADHD. His research turned up quite a bit of interesting information and now, many years later, scientists and research organizations are using his findings in conjunction with modern technology to develop the most effective treatment methods for patients who are suffering from ADHD.

One of the organizations is known as Neurocore and they are dedicated to ensuring they develop the best treatment methods for people who are suffering from ADHD. Their methods seem to be working rather well as over three-fourths of all the patients they’ve treated have experienced a significant reduction in symptoms and over half of them no longer meet the qualifications of a patient with ADHD. Using something known as Qeeg technology, they’ve been able to study the brainwaves of patients with this condition to try and determine the inherent cause of ADHD in order to better treat them.

In recent years, many scientists have done thorough research on the condition and found that it tends to be a hereditary trait passed on from generation to another. They’ve also found out that there are three different types of the condition. The first one is characterized by a lack of ability to keep focus. The second one is characterized by an inability to control one’s impulses and the last one is merely a combination of the first two subcategories. Especially considering ADHD can last well into adulthood, Neurocore understands the importance of attempting to treat the condition as effectively as possible. They’ve also found that the condition typically consists of an excessive number of theta waves whereas the beta waves are found to be rather lacking. So we wish them the best of luck in their future research and hope they are successful in finding a cure.