OSI Group: Successful Sustainability Initiatives

Otto and Sons was a small meat store in Chicago which was a family-run operation, as the name implies. When they were approached by a young Ray Kroc of McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois, an instant bond was created and the two then became business partners for life, for they depended on each other greatly for success. Knowing this and valuing McDonalds so highly, Otto and Sons was one of the early investors into the freeze-drying technology which nearly all major foods producers utilize. Because of this investment, Otto and Sons grew in stride with the now Fortune 500 giant with the golden arches.

Once they outgrew their leadership and needed guidance internationally, finance industry professional Sheldon Lavin stepped into the chief executive role and changed the name to fit the new leadership role. OSI Group was born, and started by expanding their operations into Europe by acquiring the Baho group and the Creative Foods Europe. Baho group, based out of the Netherlands, themselves have five major businesses which they wholly own and operate throughout 18 different European countries. And the Creative Foods Group was another extremely value asset for the OSI Group, for between the two companies OSI Group now had an extensive base from which to operate, and a managerial staff which was more than pleased to accommodate the incoming business under a new role. Likewise in Asia, Asian operations were expanded under OSI Asia and OSI China, and together with K&K Foods, OSI Group has been able to serve China, Southeast Asia, and the rest of the Pacific.

With their network of production firmly in place and 20,000 employees strong, OSI Group is now focused heavily on reducing their environmental impact on the planet by better training for Animal Welfare officers, better living conditions for livestock, figuring out how to repurpose their wastewater, and more. OSI is in 17 countries across 65 facilities.