Whitney Wolfe Bans Gun Pictures in Bumble Dating App

Whitney Wolfe is popularly known as the queen of dating apps and for her enthusiasm in fighting for women rights, especially in the online dating sites. She is the chief executive officer and founder of Bumble, a dating site that has given women the privilege of making the first move. The idea of launching the dating app came in mind after she quit working at Tinder, an online dating site. Whitney first worked at Tinder as a senior marketer, and during his tenure at the company, she noticed that most women in the society were experiencing sexual harassments, her included. For this reason, Whitney wanted to give females a voice in the online dating sites, and eventually, Bumble was established.

Bumble is one of the fastest growing dating apps and has grown to become one of the most famous dating sites in the world with more than 30 million users. The app has advanced its services by incorporating new features like bumble bizz and bumble bff. Bumble bizz is a feature in the site that helps users get new jobs opportunities. It gives the clients a platform to upload their updated CVs and apply for jobs that match their skills. Bumble bff has been beneficial to the customers since it helps them in finding friends of the same gender with similar lifestyle interests to hang out and have a good time together.

Whitney Wolfe is a smart business oriented woman. She attended the Southern Methodist University, where she studied international relations and majored in marketing. After graduating, she worked in orphanages in Northern Thailand for six months. In 2017, she made headlines on her breathtaking Italian destination wedding with her fiancé Michael Herd, an oil and gas company heir. The two lovebirds first met in 2013 during a Christmas vacation in Aspen.

Recently, Whitney Wolfe was threatened after she banned images of guns in the dating and networking app after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting act. She announced the new policy in March and since then aroused threats and harassments to her managerial team. Commenting on the news, Whitney Wolfe stated that the police officers had to camp around their offices for several weeks. Women who have been supporting guns restrictions have been facing cyberbullying and threats for a very long time from pro-gun activists. Whitney Herd has been in the frontline advocating for women rights in the society.

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Fabletics Uses Amazon Selling Techniques That Are Time-Tested

Fabletics is a strong online brand that was started by Kate Hudson, and there are a number of people who will shop with the brand for clothes that will look good. They may wear casual clothes on the town, and they may shop with Fabletics for the exact items they need to look their best. A woman who looks great in fine clothing from Fabletics will be more confident, and this article will explain how the company has built a better brand that is easier to shop with.


#1: Fabletics And Reverse Showrooming


Reverse showrooming is quite important as it will help the online customer be familiar with the brand when they see them in the store for the first time. the items that are in Fabletics stores are just as they are online, and they are sold for the same prices. There are many new items that are helpful for the woman who needs to complete her wardrobe, and she may check her account when she comes in the store.


#2: How Are Accounts Integrated?


Integrated accounts are an important part of the way women shop with the company, and each integrated account is quite a lot of fun to read as it shows women the exact items they have purchased in the past. They may check for particular colors or styles that they have bought before, and they may align their outfits accordingly. Women who wish to buy duplicate items will find it much easier to purchase a new color without duplicating an older style, and she may check items that will compliment the things she has bought.


#3: The Brand Is Expansive


The brand has become quite expansive, and it is a lovely company that is willing to give women every type of clothing item they need. They may purchase swimwear, or they may purchase items for the gym. The brand has grown quite a lot, and Kate Hudson appears on all their commercials to ensure that the brand is as consistent as possible. She has created a brand that every woman will love to shop with.


Ladies who need better clothing may shop with Fabletics, and they will find the company to be one of the best to shop with. They may come into their stores to find clothes they have seen online, and they will quite enjoy looking through all the clothes that are in the store or online.

Brown Modelling Agency Represents Talent And Models With Respect

Brown Modeling Agency is one of the most popular modeling agency’s around. They represent models and talent from all over the world. Specifically, they represent models or talent looking for an agency in Austin, Texas. Models and talent are allowed to have an agent in every major city and state that they plan on modeling for so if you are interested in modeling or talent gigs in Austin, Texas Brown Agency is the place to go. Brown Modeling Agency is owned and run by Justin Brown. Justin Brown takes a lot of time out of his day to make sure that he is doing his job right by not only finding great talent but keeping his talent happy with the jobs that they do. Brown Modeling Agency has represented models and talent that have worked with some very popular names in the industry such as Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton and many more popular companies who may need talent or models for their ads and commercials. Brown Modeling Agency is looking for people from all walks of life who are interested in modeling and talent gigs. Requirements depend on jobs and well there is more requirements for high end fashion modeling there is not many requirements for those wanting to be in commercial print. Brown Agency Modeling offers plus size modeling, commercial print, commercial television, high end fashion modeling’s, runway modeling, and many other options for those looking to get started. People interested can submit their information to Brown Modeling Agency through their website or attend one of Brown Modeling Agency’s many open calls. Brown modeling agency has open calls available every week on Thursdays from 3 to 4 pm at their location in Austin, Texas. Open calls allow models and talent to show off their skills in person to Brown modeling agency. The only things you need to bring to open calls are yourself, a resume (if you have one), and some pictures of yourself (they don’t have to be professional). Anyone who is searching for a modeling agency to represent them should be extremely careful when choosing one as many modeling agency’s around the world are scam artists who like to take money from innocent people or treat their models and talent poorly but the best part about Brown Agency Modeling is that they are not one of those types of modeling agency’s but instead treat their talent and models with the respect that they deserve and help them find jobs that they will love and meet the talent and models requirements for a job. If you are interested in learning more about Brown Modeling Agency take a look at their website for more information on being represented by them. Visit blog.brownagency.co for more.

Fabletics-Empowering Women With Provision of Affordable Athletic Apparel

Every woman wants to fit the definition of ‘’beautiful’’ regardless of their shape or size. There is nothing that boosts the self-esteem of a lady than her looks. Kate Hudson, being a woman and understanding this, took the fact to her advantage and developed a cloth line that provides every woman with an affordable and convenient way of accessing athletic attire. Kate employed the subscription service in setting up the business which enabled her user to receive an outfit of their taste and preference at a fee.

In three years’ time, Kate Hudson’s Company ‘’Fabletics’’has earned over $250.Her business is a big success and new customers sign in on a daily basis. The firm’s unending inventions and energy in surprising their clients is something every prospective online marketer should note down.

Has the Reverse Showroom Technique Contributed in her Success?

With the high level of technology; most entrepreneurs have converted their business to operate online. This is as a result of the high levels of addictions of social media and internet usage among people. Most people spend 80% of their day browsing whether it’s for the leisure purposes or is work related. This setup makes the internet the easiest place to meet with the customers. In the current world, goods are ordered online and delivered right to the door of the clients.

Fabletics Company has embraced the online business but diversified by building mortar buildings for their business. The Fabletics Company showcase their products online for their consumers to view. When the customer is impressed by a particular brand, he/she travels to the mortal where they see the cloth and purchase it from there. This technique has been of great help to the consumers as they buy the products with more fear that it may not be impressive as it looked in the picture on arrival or have to adjust the size of the cloth. The reverse technology has therefore led to signing up of new clients in Fabletics. The other way in which the reverse technique has contributed to the success of fabletics is that; through the feedback of their customers online, the administration can choose what type of clothes to stalk in different stores depending on the preference of the customers.

Kate Hudson summarized her success and winning of her athleisure brand in five simple points. She says that to succeed;

  • Have an eye that sees market niches
  • Base your decision on big data.
  • Stay hands on; Kate Hudson emphasis on the need of checking the sales of your products weekly because what you may have thought would trend might be very different from the moving stock.
  • She also mentions of the importance on the need to seek inspiration
  • The last thing is to believe in yourself

Kate Hudson sets of belief contributed to her success and weathering all the negativity that would have brought her down.

Fabletics is empowering women by providing them with affordable Fabletic gears regardless of their size and shape. To make the purchasing process more efficient: it is important to fill the life style quiz to know the Fabletic gear that suits you best.


Today, most businesses find it difficult to thrive in the fashion e-commerce industry. This is because Amazon controls over 20 percent of the market. However, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has overcome all odds to achieve tremendous success within a short period. Today, the activewear brand is valued at $250 million. Kate Hudson understands that clients prefer inspirational brands. To this end, they have devised an innovative membership model to ensure that customers receive tailored-made products. Historically, high value fashion brands have been of good quality and retail at hefty prices. However, the market is shifting. Consumers are now looking into details like last-mile services, brand recognition, customer experience and exclusive design. Fabletics offers a fascinating blend of all the above elements, thus providing members with top quality products at affordable prices.

Fabletics has many physical stores. Most brands are failing in show-rooming because customers visit the store and end up buying cheaper products elsewhere. Fabletics is using this concept of show-rooming to win more consumers in the market. This is because half of the customers who show up at their stores are subscribed members, while 25 percent of those who walk in the stores leave as registered members. They not only stock their stores according to the online data, but also with a diverse consideration of real time sales activity, trends, and store heat-mapping data. The company has learnt the need for balancing lifestyle, customer experience and consumer education as they expand to new territories. Their deep understanding of the tastes and preferences of modern consumer enables them to offer smart distribution channels, innovative membership programs, and fast purchasing options. This information was originally published on Forbes.

According to a non-sponsored review on Fabletics, Teri Hutcheon posits that Fabletics operates on a monthly membership structure where members get 2 or 3 piece outfit on a monthly basis for $49-$59. Members who join as VIPs make their first purchase at $25. Members are allowed to skip a month at no charge. Upon registration, members take a fashion survey to determine the types of workouts that they do and the outfits that they prefer. This information enables the company to customize consumers’ products each month. Some of these outfits include leggings, capris, tanks, and shorts. Teri contends that these products are of high quality and retail at lower prices. Customers are contended with these outfits. Customers can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors ranging from sheer fabrics, cut-outs, to bold patterns. The company has great customer service. Their website is also easy to use, thus allowing customers to make quick purchases. Anyone can take a lifestyle quiz, which is available in their website, for purposes of being styled by Fabletics’ fashion experts. This information was originally mentioned on A Foodie Stays Fit.

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