Ricardo Tosto the highly recognized litigation lawyer in Brazil the country with many lawyers

Brazil is rated among one of the countries with the largest number of lawyers. In 2010, Brazil was classified third with the biggest number of lawyers in the world.India and United States took the first and the second position. It was said that there are very many law schools in Brazil, this is the cause of a vast number of lawyers in the country. It was noted that the country has more law school than all of the world’s countries put together. Law course is considered prestigious in Brazil; it takes five years after which the student becomes a graduate but cannot practice law. To practice law, one has to pass the examination of Bar Association of Brazil.

Brazil has been referred to the land of many lawyers; the country is, however, facing some challenges in their justice system.. It is said to have 95 million cases in 2014 which translate to one lawsuit for every two people. Part of the problem in the justice system is that Brazilians are litigious. Another cause of the problems in the system is the creation of many rights that was done through the constitution in 1988.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is rated among the most prominent leaders in Brazil legal practice. Ricardo Tosto started his career in a small room, and he has grown to be the most experienced corporate litigation lawyer in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto established his law firm that has turned out to be the largest in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto was the pioneer in the adoption of multiple legal mechanisms which are now the most commonly used in the legal community. In his practice, Ricardo Tosto defended several famous individuals and companies.

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