Alex Pall, the Excellent Creative Musician

Chainsmoker band has released unique song which involves collaboration of Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart, Both individuals are passionate in music.Mathias Rosenzweig has carried an interview with Alex Pall on the same. Alex was a DJ in New York as a side job which he realized he had given it a larger weight and he eventually decided to quit the career and give it fully concentration. Alex meet Andrew through their current manager and they started working jointly where Andrew moved out of Maine for them to build their musical interest closely. Having a partner with common interest and skills has helped them greatly in building their talents which lately they view them as their career. Having common interest and goals in the table with information about what was to build and promote their music passion and what would terminate it, it was a starting point that would clearly define their success.


Music is the only source of the daily bread and Alex has to put more efforts of moving to great levels and become the best artist. Pall views his career music as self evaluation and self test journey. Alex believes in attempting new things and going for the best that meets personal satisfaction. Alex believes that one cannot just produce an album that contains only hinting songs it should be cohesive one considering all gradual changes they have gone through not matter how urgently the fans are expecting or requesting it. According to Pall, having Halsey in their song is greatest come true dream they have ever experienced. Halsey is calm and special artist of will never make mistakes to hold an apology for something is talented in. According to him the song as marked great achievement his music career. Alex is excited that through social media they are able to get large geographical coverage and their songs have general message that covers all ages with gender equality interest catered for. Alex dream is to continue bringing new things and make tours that will entertain their fans differently and keep pushing for great things.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction Takes Off!

TV personality and radio host, Ryan Seacrest has launched a menswear line that is taking off in leaps and bounds! The fashion-forward men’s line is sold exclusively by Macy’s Department Store. Ryan Seacrest created the line with the career-minded male on-the-go in mind. His stylish line has some resemblances to the famous Burberry customized wardrobe that the star wore early on, at Red Carpet events in 2009 and while on the popular television show American Idol starting in 2010.


The Hollywood insider leads a very busy life. He lives and works in California where his famous radio show, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” is taped. Mr. Seacrest also works in New York City as of 2017 when he joined the talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. The new designer put together a line that appeals to young men that are meticulous about fashion. He made it a point to created an accessible high-end line at a reasonable price point. Ryan Seacrest tapped into Burberry’s Christopher Bailey design tips before pursuing his new clothing venture. Mr. Seacrest selects fine textures and sought-after designs for his suit separates, accessories, shirts, outerwear, and sportswear. The idea is to mix and match elements within the ‘Style Made Smart’ innovative line. He has created a multi-dimensional wardrobe collection that allows a multitude of looks from contemporary to dressy.


Ryan Seacrest joined forces with Macy’s, one of the largest retailers around. Macy’s is known to house well-known fashion labels and is very excited to work with the famous radio host. The department store welcomes Ryan Seacrest’s alluring men’s collection. Ryan Seacrest Distinction delivers quality and value as well as expressive character. The new collection ushers in a new demographic to the store. The average customer for the line is a 25-year-old male. According to Macy’s historical data, females were the majority purchasers for menswear. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is in stores nationwide and is featured on Macy’s e-commerce site. The tailored men’s line has reached heights of $50 million in sales, which is an awesome kick-start for the ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ host.