Why Does Felipe Montoro Jens Support The Private-Public-Partnerships Proposed In Brazil?

Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry recently made public a survey commissioned by the Ministry of Planning about the state of infrastructure in the country. The 2017 study noted that the austerity measures adopted by the government had deprived most development projects of budgetary allocations. This led to a massive abandonment of key infrastructural projects around the country.

The report indicated that close to 2,800 development projects had been left unfinished in the different parts of the country. 517 of these represented key infrastructure such as roads, airways, water house, and public sanitation. Felipe Montoro Jens, an accomplished economic analyst, believes the proposed public partnerships in the country would go a long way in addressing such unfortunate incidences. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at infomoney.com

More accountability

Felipe Montoro Jens argues that while the government only allocated 2% of the national budget to infrastructural developments, a huge percentage of this fund is misappropriated or wasted. The abandonment of projects halfway by one regime and initiation of new ones by the next is a perfect example of wastage according to Felipe Mobtoro Jens. He adds that while the government pumps billions into infrastructure development, most are left unfinished due to lack of accountability.

The experienced international economies management expert argues that allowing the public sector to direct their taxes to infrastructural projects with the public playing the oversight role improves accountability. This also ensures that public funds are utilized maximally and in projects that appeal most to the locals.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro currently serves as the chief executive officer of EnergiparCaptacao. He has a wealth of experience in developing financial strategies for both individuals and corporations at the national and international level. Montoro particularly specializes in identifying economic waste loopholes and finding them a permanent solution. He gained this experience while with such globally acclaimed finance management firms as Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Enron.

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How Clayton Hutson Developed His Skills In The Rock’N’Roll Industry

Clayton Hutson started out his career in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in theater design and then started to garner experience. His first stop was working as a sound engineer on some Billy Graham national tours. From there he broke into behind the scenes roles at rock concerts. He developed a wide range of marketable skills by working for others and also found the time to earn an MBA.

He now runs his own live entertainment business. Among the top musicians he has worked for are Guns N’ Roses, Pink, OneDirection, and Kid Rock. Some of his positions beyond being a sound engineer include being a monitor engineer, production manager, and stage manager. In 2017 he worked on OneRepublic’s “Honda Civic Tour” where he was responsible for running the automatic rigging system. This tour took him all over North America and Asia.

One key skill Clayton Hutson has developed is working with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. He says that before arriving at a venue he has already modeled its dimensions. The reason for this is that a concert tour can have the most incredible equipment in the business but if you can’t fit it in the door then it’s really not going to do anyone any good.

In order to attract new clients to his business, he says that he makes sure every detail is accounted for. He also has a great reputation for being a hard worker who never shies away from putting in long hours. As Clayton Hutson has developed a solid reputation who is dedicated to his craft and profession he picks up a lot of new clients from referrals.

Before each show, he goes through his work several times in order to make sure it was absolutely done right. In his business mistakes can lead to injuries or worse. He says that if he were to ever commit a serious error his reputation would likely never recover from it. For this reason, he always puts safety first and makes sure that all of the equipment is organized in a sensible manner.

In order to keep his client’s satisfied Clayton Hutson says that he has to keep up with developments in the industry. While giant video screens are a mainstay of holding a concert he says that he likes it when artists focus on other things like eye-catching stunts and acrobatics.