Waiakea Water Achieves Success Due to Their Mission and Charity

When you start doing research about companies you often find out they cut corners to make as much profit as possible without caring about how it effects the world. They slap a special sticker claiming how unique their product is so people will buy it. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water strays from that model by actually giving back to the community and putting less of a stress on the environment. They are committed to change and that is why they are so successful.

A unique factor of Waiakea is that it is volcanic water, making on a volcano. What does that mean? Rain and snow that falls on Mauna Loa Volcano (in Hawaii) filters through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock to deliver such a refreshing and healthy water. It naturally filter through rock, not from a man made system. It gives this water an array of health benefits that may surprise people. It is naturally alkaline, has lots of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Who knew water could have that? Another factor that makes Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water so special is that they created a full degradable water bottle, which is a great because the waste aspect of bottled make them quite controversial. They also give back to humankind and use renewable energy to power their facilities.

Alkaline based water company Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water are taking over the scene with their heavenly mission. Times are a changing and businesses cannot make it on greedy tactics anymore, they need to give back and support the environment. Waiakea water is leading the cause with their best foot forward.

Charity partner PumpAid and Waiakea are bringing clean drinking water to communities that do not have access to it already. When someone buys one of their 650ml bottles of water, a weeks worth of drinking water is supplied to rural and poor communities in Africa. This have been life changing for these communities and have already served over a million people.

Not only is Waiakea donating clean water but they have just invented the first ever fully degradable water bottle. They patented this incredible additive to their water bottles so they degrade in 15 opposed to 1,500 years.

Saving The Planet One Bottle at a Time: The Pure Magic of Waiakea Water

When you think about refreshing water and the big island of Hawaii in the great state of Hawaii, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you imagine volcanoes you might not be far wrong. Hawaiian volcanoes are a good source of refreshing water. In fact water that is naturally processed through pressure provides the essential minerals that your body needs to remain healthy and active.

Waiakea Water is water that has been processed through pressure so it maintains its natural alkaline properties. These properties are known to help fight off osteoporosis and relieve acid reflux. The volcanic rocks on Mauna Loa have these properties along with important electrolytes that support your body’s overall health.

The founder of the company, Ryan Emmons, knew that the bottled water market was ready for a line of products that was pure and environmentally sustainable. He enjoyed the refreshing taste of the water as a child visiting Hawaii with his family. The pure magic of these waters intrigued him. He wanted to capture that pure, soft water taste without compromising the environment.

Emmons knew that he had a good product that would appeal to the health and environmentally conscious consumer. It wasn’t enough to package the water in the conventional way. He knew that many would-be consumers were getting away from bottled water due to environmental concerns. His company would be different.

He decided early on to provide packaging that was carbon neutral. This meant that he would use 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate instead of regular or virgin plastic bottle. His manufacturing processes would be CarbonNeutral® using far less emissions than other processing plants do.

The Waiakea brand of volcanic water has been recently named as the one of the top ten best volcanic water products in the world. It is a testament of Emmons’ and his partners’ passion to let the world enjoy its soft, unique taste while sustaining rural communities in Africa. His company partners with PumpAid to supply their water needs. Emmons rents the property where the water is processed and ensures that the water remains pristine for future generations.