Robert Ivy Advocacy For Healthy Lifestyle Through Architecture

Robert Ivy has created a working relationship between healthy living and architectural designs. According to Robert Ivy, architectural buildings, planners, and designers play an integral part in promoting healthy living standards for the clients, in fact, more than what the doctors can offer. He has created a working relationship between the duo and believes that the work of architects is not just about overseeing the construction of glamorous buildings but also promoting a good livelihood to the people.
How does Robert reconstruct the relationship between the two? According to architect and pediatrician Robert Ivy, the relationship can be traced to many years ago. The Chinese philosophy by Feng Shui stressed the importance of the surroundings to the health of an individual. The Chinese philosophy considered the importance of the surrounding in shaping the healthy conditions of the people. This scenario has also been witnessed in the 20th century. Jane Adams and the renowned biologists Rachel Carson have argued out great believe on the same. Rachel Carson advocated for the well-maintained living environment in the living neighborhood. This, according to her, prevented crimes related to living in poor conditions and reduce the occurrence of serious crimes in the living environment.
Robert believes that the environment influences our health standards and conditions, the behavior that we portray and also our destiny in general. The environment has a direct influence on our daily lives and also shapes how we live.

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It is with this notion by Robert Ivy that architects in the United States have taken an initiative of overseeing how they can influence living conditions. The recent health care crisis in the States related to obesity rates has taken the architects and house designers to design buildings that can help in curbing the trend. Architects and house designers are now planning and constructing a house that employs the basic healthy techniques to help in promoting exercises in the house. Designing houses fitted with design strategies that allow for work out in the building can help in curbing obesity and encourage more vibrant, active and healthy living. The products that are used in the building should be no chemical content. Encouraging the use of environmentally friendly materials also promote good healthy living.
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Robert Ivy is a renowned American architect and a pediatrician. He is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects. The organization has more than 90000 members countrywide. He has also served as Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction. He also worked as Editor in chief of Architectural Record Magazine. Robert has received numerous awards for his outstanding leadership skills in the architectural industry. He attended Tulane University and later joined Sewanee, The University of the South for his Bachelor of Arts in English.

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