Victoria Doramus: View From the Top

To see Victoria Doramus now would be to see a woman at the top of her profession, a woman who has conquered the world and someone who regularly rubs shoulders with some of the most glamorous people. She is a famous philanthropist and is proud to be able to give back to the community. The list of companies she has worked for is a list of some of the most successful enterprises in a wide array of fields. Victoria Doramus has been a creative consultant at Stila Cosmetics, she has had creative work experience with Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, and Trendera.

Victoria also found success in the glamorous world of show-business and she was a personal assistant film director and former actor Peter Berg. Victoria handled a wide range of duties for Berg based in New York but also working in LA.

While on the outside it may have looked like Victoria had it all, Victoria’s view has not always been from the top. There were demons she was battling that she now understands will be with her forever. At one point recovery expert Victoria became homeless and her addiction to cocaine and Aderrall almost cost her everything. Victoria took a bottle of amphetamine pills a day and she would do whatever it took to keep the high going until it became so bad that she became psychotic. At her lowest point Victoria found herself homeless and arrested with nobody left to call. The greatest triumph was realizing that there was a way to retain control of her life.

After a stay in Burning Tree recovery center in 2017, Victoria began the long steps toward recovery. She now finds herself in a position to pass her experiences on to other people who may be in the throes of addiction.

One of the most personal and satisfying ways she gives back is through offering her experience as someone who has seen the rock bottom of addiction but can now help others see a way to a brighter future.

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