The RealReal-Showcasing the Goods

The RealReal has become a household name and is the go-to for luxury consignment goods. They meld just the right amount of class and style while delivering exactly what the customer wants-the real luxury items like Dior, Prada, and Yves Saint Laurent. The business is already three years old and going strong. You can find countless picks on social media showing satisfied customers with their great finds and Instagram has seemingly limitless posts from satisfied customers.

When you shop with The RealReal, you can shop confidently because you know that the products showcased on their website have undergone a rigorous authentication process to ensure that they are in fact worthy enough to be associated with the RealReal. There are many companies that are selling rip-offs, but the RealReal is not one of them. They take their authentication process very seriously.

The company’s established a very good reputation, and they just started out small. The company sold out of their first 1,000 items almost immediately, and the company has really taken off since then.

The RealReal has generated $100 million in just the past year, and more and more consumers are shopping online, so they are the convenient option when it comes to shopping for luxury goods. The San Francisco company offers something that no one else does-genuine luxury consignment items that are priced well below the retail value and that is easy to shop for.

Whatever you are after, you will most likely find it on their website, and there is no guessing because you know it’s real. The even offer a home pick-up consignment service that’s free in 16 cities. You can also mail your items to them.

Most of the items that the RealReal sells is about 90 percent off of the retail race which is a bargain.

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