Betsy DeVos- Shy In Private And A Fighter When She Needs To Be

Right before our president decided to take away a federal policy that allows transgender high school students to use any bathroom they want, Betsy DeVos met with a representative to discuss it. The employee she met with works for the Department of Education and she was wanting to warn him about the president’s actions.


While speaking with Betsy, her aid was quick to reassure the employee that she was unaware of what the president was about to do beforehand or she would have tried to stop it. Before the president’s announcement, Betsy DeVos made no indication in the public eye that she was aware the policy was about to be rescinded.


Anyone who knows Betsy is aware of the fact that she will fight as hard as she can for anything she believes in. She is a leading advocate for charter schools across the country and promotes school voucher programs. She is the former chairwoman for the Michigan Republican Party. Both she and her husband, Dick DeVos, are big supporters of the GOP.


In her home state of Michigan, Betsy has earned a reputation for being ruthless and driven. She will not stop fighting for what she believes in. Betsy and Dick are heirs to their family fortunes. This hasn’t made them lazy, however. They both use their passion for education and their money to work towards a better educational future for the kids in America. Betsy will use her fortune to punish anyone who stands in her way. Alternately, she will use it to reward those that work with her to accomplish her goals.


How Betsy DeVos And Pitbull Came Together


Earlier last year, Betsy and Pitbull had the chance to meet. They were both in Miami at the time and decided to speak about their mutual love for charter schools and educational choice programs. While on a trip to Florida to visit some charter schools, one school included a private Christian school that was founded by rapper Pitbull.


Pitbull has opened many charter schools across the state. The first one he opened is in Miami, Florida. Many residents were originally unhappy with the fact that Pitbull was to be celebrity founder of the school. He has been known to abuse drugs and alcohol in the past. Also, some of his lyrics for his songs contain a lot of misogyny and profanity.


Betsy DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan. When she was younger, she began her career working for her father at his auto parts company. She eventually went off to college and found her passion for education and politics.


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