Secrets of Successful Investment by Igor Cornelsen

Being a successful investor goes beyond having some money to invest. According to Igor Cornelsen, the ability to identify new opportunities and take calculated risks is of paramount importance if investors are to get a great return from their investments. Igor is a renowned stock market expert from Brazil. He also works as a proprietor at Bainbridge Investment, a reputable firm that majors in private equity, real estate, and liquid assets. Before joining Bainbridge Investment, Cornelsen was an employee in a bank in Brazil where he held different executive positions until his retirement in 2011.

Igor Cornelsen has appeared in different investment and publication websites as a business leader with wide knowledge in matters of finance. Corporation and individuals also consult him on a matter relating to finances. The main business strategy Igor uses is long-term investments. According to him, venturing into long-term ventures is the best way to go and thus, encourages people to go in this direction. He also advises his clients to consider investing their money in damaged stocks, since they are less costly and stabilize after sometime giving good returns.

Another aspect Igor emphasizes on is diversification. Diversification enhances the likelihood of investors to reap huge profits from their widespread stock portfolio. He also advises investors to avoid being involved with damaged businesses. From what experience has taught him, damaged companies are risky to invest in, and they mostly lead to loss of investment. Igor Cornelsen engages in foreign trade. Although it’s a lucrative area to get involved in, Cornelsen advises the investors to first learn about the regulation and laws of a foreign nation so that they can work without experiencing major incidents.

Cornelsen also encourages entrepreneurs to gauge the limitations and advantages of money lending organizations before applying for a loan. He argues that some financial institutions offer friendly interests than others, and learning this can help borrowers make informed decisions. He further advises people not to wait too long to invest. According to Cornelsen, people who invest early make huge proceeds in the future. At Bainbridge, Cornelsen helps young entrepreneurs learn about the unexpected and expected market trends. He also trains entrepreneurs on how to acquire investors and help the investors work towards achieving the vision on the business.

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