Drew Madden founds Evergreen Healthcare Partners

The United States healthcare system is often touted by some as being the best in the world. While it is true that the United States leads the pack in certain specialties, like the treatment of childhood cancers and the transplantation of organs, the idea that the United States delivers world-class healthcare to the majority of its citizens is, unfortunately, not as true as it once was.

Today, the United States spends on healthcare over two and a half times what the second-highest-spending country in the world does. And most developed countries spend just tiny fractions of the overall per-capita expenditures laid out by the American populace on healthcare.

This is bad news for the richest country in history, which has long prided itself on its ability to apply market solutions to just about any endeavor. While there are many explanations as to why healthcare costs in the United States, in real-dollar terms, have increased by more than five times since the 1970s, one man, Drew Madden, has a concrete idea of what we might be able to do to start lowering those costs.

Having spent nearly 20 years in the healthcare industry, few people have as much expertise as Drew Madden when it comes to analyzing the American healthcare system. Madden believes that one of the best things that we can start doing to lower the outrageous costs of healthcare is to empower patients to make more informed decisions. This can be done, says Madden, through a combination of more transparent pricing and the creation of platforms that make it easy for patients to compare healthcare services and products.

Madden recently founded his own healthcare consulting firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, precisely in order to address this issue. He says that his firm is working on development of the tools that will someday soon help patients to discern between the services and products that they are being offered. Madden says that patients will soon be able to make apples-to-apples comparisons of things like surgeries and insurance policies with the same ease that they can look up reviews of local restaurants.

Top Business Professionals: Wes Edens

Wesley Robert also known as Wes Edens serves as the principal and co-chairman of Fortress Credit Corporation and is also the co-founder of the company. He holds a degree in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Oregon. Wesley is an expert in the field of management, private equity finance, and excellent credit. For a long time, he has served as a Director and Officer in public companies thus possessing extensive experience in that field. Before joining Fortress in 1998, Wes Edens worked as the managing director at a bank in Switzerland between 1997 and 1998, worked as a managing director and a partner at BlackRock financial management from 1993 to 1997, partnered with Lehman Brothers and also worked as a managing director of the same from 1987-1993.

From the time Wes Edens joined Fortress in 1998, he served as its CEO up to 2003, has been the principal, Chief Investment Officer, Head and President of its private equity. He is in charge of Public Trade alternative investments and the private equity businesses. Employees who work at Fortress consider it to be a right place where one gets to learn about management of finances and a right place where interns get an opportunity to learn quickly from a group of top investment professionals. Wes Edens has actively involved himself in eSports where he is a co-owner of Bucks team. Not long ago, together with Fortress Investment Wesley launched FlyQuest an eSport brand which is a team of professionals who compete in online games.

Formerly, FlyQuest was a sister squad to the cloud9 challenger but was sold off to Wesley Eden because the laws of the League Championship Series does not allow multiple teams from the same organization to compete for the same League. The team being under a different organization will now be competing for the North America League where it is expected to utilize the expertise of Wesely Eden in business and eSports to establish sponsorships and partnerships with the aim of attaining competitive performance. According to BizJournals Wesely Eden’s home take off pay amounts to $54.4 million per annum. Bucks co-owner Wes Edens open to hiring woman as head coach


InnovaCare Health not only offers benefits towards medical needs but also the mental and emotional well-being. InnovaCare is a leading healthcare service provider, located in Puerto Rico, North America. Through networks of provision and advantage of Medicare, sustainable, pocket-friendly and advanced technologies that are fully integrated, are provided.


InnovaCare’s Health mission is to redefine the management of healthcare to meet the challenges of the current complex environment. The vision is to be focused on strong patient relationships to build sustainable models which are cheaper, coordinated, and of quality while adhering to the values of putting patients first, quality, stable relationships, innovative medical practices, growth, management, and teamwork.


InnovaCare Health is led by a strong team that comprises of Rick Shinto M.D., who is Chief Executive Officer and the President, as well as Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Operation Officer. InnovaCare operates MMM and PMC health plans and manages Medicaid plans that are within the Government’s Health plan in Puerto Rico. These health plans are the only NCQA-accredited, offered to the island. The organization follows an integrated approach whereby it partners with appropriate stakeholders to build a wholesome care model. Innovative tools availed by use of data and technology are for the improvement of the quality of the patients’ life and peace of mind for the physician. Through the establishment of culture, governance, and leadership, the optimized structure gains a benchmark.


The InnovaCare Health organization offers solutions towards supporting the resources of physicians. As a means to understand the ecosystem, the organization ensures that it builds on the expertise of the community or population served. For delivery of services, there is constant monitoring and evolution of solutions to provide value-based care.


In March 22nd, 2017, Penelope Kokkinides was invited to meet with President Donald Trump at the White House, to be part of a discussion on Medicare advantage in Puerto Rico. The panel comprised of women in healthcare at the West Wing Roosevelt Room. Penelope emphasized the urgency of increasing funds channeled towards the Medicare Advantage in Puerto Rico during the meeting, in which was also attended by administrator Verma.


She stated that lack of fixing of the federal cuts would lead to the collapse of the Medicaid system, hence forcing people to seek it at the States, which costs thrice as much or more. A notice was released stating that the healthcare system successfully had favorable changes a few days after the meeting.


Madison Street Capital Helps Napoleon Machine Expand Manufacturing

Recently PR Newswire published the article “Madison Street Capital Acts as Exclusive Financial Advisor, Arranges Credit Facilities for Napoleon Machine”. The article discusses the investment firm recent arrangement of credit for the Napoleon Machine. It has added value to manufacturing services, particularly, precision machine, painting, light, metal fabricating, and assembly for steel components. The CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway announced the arrangement with Steven Richards, the Vice President of Capital Markets and Barry Peterson, the Senior Managing Director.


The facility will create better access to operating capital, which in turn will allow Napoleon to expand its manufacturing. This will ensure that the company can reach the needs of the customers while still allowing the company to grow steadily. The President of Napoleon Machine, Kevin Febrey, indicated that Madison Street Capital was dedicated to understanding both the story of the company and the possible opportunities for the company. The deep understanding of Madison Street Capital was necessary for the transaction. The steel industry has an incredibly intense nature which required creative solutions. The solution will allow Napoleon Machine to have access to much more capital, allowing them to grow.


Napoleon Machine is a provider of manufacturing services like agricultural, automotive, aerospace, construction, and machinery manufacturing as well as nuclear power generation and robotics. It provides high quality products like machine bases, structural frames, oil pump frames, and heat exchangers. It can create these products according to the needs of the client between 200 and 60,000 pounds. It can also create high-end tooling machines like missile launch tooling and others that require a narrow tolerance.


Madison Street Capital provides a variety of services as an international investment bank. It is dedicated to providing leadership and service in excellence and integrity. They act in an advisory role for mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and financial opinions for both public and private entities. They want to help each client succeed in the international marketplace, taking on the goals of each client as their own. It also looks at the potential global growth for the clients through emerging markets while also focusing their assets on those markets. They have worked with a variety of clients around the world and provide the highest level of professionalism.


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Whitney Wolfe Bans Gun Pictures in Bumble Dating App

Whitney Wolfe is popularly known as the queen of dating apps and for her enthusiasm in fighting for women rights, especially in the online dating sites. She is the chief executive officer and founder of Bumble, a dating site that has given women the privilege of making the first move. The idea of launching the dating app came in mind after she quit working at Tinder, an online dating site. Whitney first worked at Tinder as a senior marketer, and during his tenure at the company, she noticed that most women in the society were experiencing sexual harassments, her included. For this reason, Whitney wanted to give females a voice in the online dating sites, and eventually, Bumble was established.

Bumble is one of the fastest growing dating apps and has grown to become one of the most famous dating sites in the world with more than 30 million users. The app has advanced its services by incorporating new features like bumble bizz and bumble bff. Bumble bizz is a feature in the site that helps users get new jobs opportunities. It gives the clients a platform to upload their updated CVs and apply for jobs that match their skills. Bumble bff has been beneficial to the customers since it helps them in finding friends of the same gender with similar lifestyle interests to hang out and have a good time together.

Whitney Wolfe is a smart business oriented woman. She attended the Southern Methodist University, where she studied international relations and majored in marketing. After graduating, she worked in orphanages in Northern Thailand for six months. In 2017, she made headlines on her breathtaking Italian destination wedding with her fiancé Michael Herd, an oil and gas company heir. The two lovebirds first met in 2013 during a Christmas vacation in Aspen.

Recently, Whitney Wolfe was threatened after she banned images of guns in the dating and networking app after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting act. She announced the new policy in March and since then aroused threats and harassments to her managerial team. Commenting on the news, Whitney Wolfe stated that the police officers had to camp around their offices for several weeks. Women who have been supporting guns restrictions have been facing cyberbullying and threats for a very long time from pro-gun activists. Whitney Herd has been in the frontline advocating for women rights in the society.

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