The Future of Anti-Aging and Elysium Health’s Role

The search for a “fountain of youth” is as old as humanity itself, a mission that we as a whole have failed to find so far. There is, however, a promising new contender on the horizon that offers the chance to provide to humans a formula that recreates the conditions that have actually shown as effective in laboratory testing. Elysium Health has introduced their flagship product, a little blue pill called Basis to the nutraceuticals market. These pills contain a chemical precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD, which is a method that cells use to perform metabolic reactions such as releasing energy from glucose. This is thought to cause a similar effect as a severely calorie restricted diet, which has shown to make mice live longer and reverse some signs of aging.

Elysium will market these pills as nutritional supplements, where they will be able to track the effects by following up with clients to gauge what affects they are getting from continued usage. Since the long-term benefits of these supplements will need to be assessed over a long period of time, this will allow Elysium to track and show what is working with Basis, and what isn’t. Users have already reported some benefits, however, with an increased spike of energy and mental clarity being noted with continued use. These effects are more powerful and prevalent in people who are generally already healthy, however.

Elysium is staffed with fully qualified, distinguished members, coming from a variety of scientific backgrounds, including biochemistry, neuroscience and aging and they also sit as regulatory officials, clinicians, and scientists. Seven members have won the Nobel Prize in chemistry and physiology or medicine, and many others are noted pioneers in their respective scientific fields. Elysium also has research partnerships with the prestigious institutions of Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford Universities.

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