Isabel Dos Santos: A Symbol of Women Empowerment

Isabel Dos Santos, who was named amongst the top 100 influential women by British Broadcast System (BBC) in November 2015, comes from Africa. She is the daughter of Africa’s former President namely Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. But the most fantastic thing about Isabel Dos Santos is that she made her own identity as a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. Her net worth reached more than three billion US dollars in 2013 and she became the first billionaire women of Africa.


After attending a boarding school at Kent, she went to London and took admission in King’s college. From there, Isabel Dos Santos got her degree in electrical engineering. She has worked on different management positions in European stock exchange based companies in the past 20 years. She came back to her native land in the early 1990s. “Miami Beach Club”, which she established in Luanda islands, was her first business. Isabel Dos Santos’s interest laid in different fields like energy industry, finance, retail, oil business, diamonds, media, and telecommunications and earned success in every respective field.


Isabel Dos Santos was recently invited as a spokesperson to motivate and inspire students at the conference which was held by YAAPD (The Yale African Development Conference). She also met the students of the University of Warwick and was deeply touched by their views and hopes of a developed Africa. She bought shares of Unitel and has also expanded her business to Portugal. Isabel, in June 2016, was appointed as the chairwomen of Sonangol, the Angolan state oil company.


Isabel Dos Santos is the perfect example of women empowerment. Belonging to a place like Africa which still exhibits all the characteristics and features of a patriarchal and male dominant society, standing out and reaching the stature of Africa’s wealthiest women would not have been an easy task for Isabel. Her deeply passionate and aggressive nature helped her in tackling gender-based challenges. She is ready to walk toe to toe with some many high profile businessmen of Europe. Isabel Dos Santos’s achievements, being a woman, prove to be the inspiration for all the females out there who want to do something at either a local or global level.


Robert Ivy: Professional Associations Working Outside Their Profession

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects, an organization based on professional membership. His focus majors on the design, construction, and building industries. Professional organizations such as the AIA have provided various advantages to the members. These include network building, credibility through leadership roles, competing for industry awards, and educational programs. The organizations have vast educational resources such as websites, webinars, newsletters, and other data and tools. The organizations employ staff to do original research work for the organizations. Such educational resources mainly assist existing employees who need to supplement their skills and new employees who need guidelines for their newly acquired jobs. Robert Ivy reveals that accessing the knowledge through the tools and data provided by the associations is much easier than gathering the resources individually.

On the other hand, trade associations rank political lobbying highly. Some professional associations engage in efforts that influence the decisions of policymakers to favor their members. CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy unveils that architects are a small group in comparison to other professions, even though they possess a firm stand.

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According to Robert Ivy, an architect advocacy organization has influenced decisions made in regards to the tax laws. Robert believes that architecture has an in-depth impact on numerous issues including disaster management and improvement of health. The AIA has attracted the attention of other sectors outside the building, design and construction sector. The AIA recently announced a ten-year commitment to develop programs and solutions focusing on public health, sustainability, and disaster management in urban areas. Under Robert Ivy, the organization is set to provide grants to the university in support for research, work on a community-based program in a yet-to-be-named international city and take part in the creation of a software project.

Ivy describes the role of architectural design in the public health sector as broad, stretching from the draining of swamps to the eradication of substandard housing. He elaborates that during the construction of buildings, the architecture team puts various factors into consideration such as the promotion of exercise to reduce exercise-related diseases such as heart disease, and a building’s access to fresh water, air, and sunlight.

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Neurocore And Its History With Neurofeedback

It may seem hard to believe but neurofeedback wasn’t always the powerhouse concept commonly known to be used by Neurocore. So where did it originate from? Well, back in the late 1700’s, Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani, who first formed our everyday understanding of applied neuroscience, first observed the effects of neurofeedback on a living being by connecting the subject to a gate during a thunderstorm and seeing how it panned out. They were able to discern that the legs would contract whenever there was a flash of electricity in the atmosphere and they hypothesized that the instability of the current was causing these inexplicable contractions. However, it wasn’t until the early 1800’s that they were able to provide definitive evidence of this theory. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Their findings and research would lay the groundwork for one of the most important inventions in the history of neuroscience. The electroencephalogram, or EEG for short, is often used by Neurocore and is one of the most important devices scientists use to monitor their patient’s brainwaves. They are able to do this by attaching small metal discs called electrodes to the brains of their patients and observing the wavy lines on the monitor. It was initially developed to diagnose and treat people who were suffering from epilepsy but, currently, its most common use is that of treating patients with such neurological disorders as inflammation of the brain, strokes, and sleep disorders.


As the inventor of the EEG, Hans Berger also got the first crack at being able to observe the effects of the machine on a living test subject when he experimented on his own son. His findings and research would eventually pave the way for the innovation of the quantitative electroencephalogram, which is typically shortened to Qeeg. Neurocore currently uses this kind of technology to monitor the neural activity within the cerebellum in order to ascertain the potential catalysts for their depression. Someday, Neurocore even hopes to use this research to synthesize a cure for all of their patients. So we wish them the best of luck in the future of their endeavors and research. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Why Does Felipe Montoro Jens Support The Private-Public-Partnerships Proposed In Brazil?

Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry recently made public a survey commissioned by the Ministry of Planning about the state of infrastructure in the country. The 2017 study noted that the austerity measures adopted by the government had deprived most development projects of budgetary allocations. This led to a massive abandonment of key infrastructural projects around the country.

The report indicated that close to 2,800 development projects had been left unfinished in the different parts of the country. 517 of these represented key infrastructure such as roads, airways, water house, and public sanitation. Felipe Montoro Jens, an accomplished economic analyst, believes the proposed public partnerships in the country would go a long way in addressing such unfortunate incidences. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

More accountability

Felipe Montoro Jens argues that while the government only allocated 2% of the national budget to infrastructural developments, a huge percentage of this fund is misappropriated or wasted. The abandonment of projects halfway by one regime and initiation of new ones by the next is a perfect example of wastage according to Felipe Mobtoro Jens. He adds that while the government pumps billions into infrastructure development, most are left unfinished due to lack of accountability.

The experienced international economies management expert argues that allowing the public sector to direct their taxes to infrastructural projects with the public playing the oversight role improves accountability. This also ensures that public funds are utilized maximally and in projects that appeal most to the locals.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro currently serves as the chief executive officer of EnergiparCaptacao. He has a wealth of experience in developing financial strategies for both individuals and corporations at the national and international level. Montoro particularly specializes in identifying economic waste loopholes and finding them a permanent solution. He gained this experience while with such globally acclaimed finance management firms as Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Enron.

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Victoria Doramus: View From the Top

To see Victoria Doramus now would be to see a woman at the top of her profession, a woman who has conquered the world and someone who regularly rubs shoulders with some of the most glamorous people. She is a famous philanthropist and is proud to be able to give back to the community. The list of companies she has worked for is a list of some of the most successful enterprises in a wide array of fields. Victoria Doramus has been a creative consultant at Stila Cosmetics, she has had creative work experience with Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, and Trendera.

Victoria also found success in the glamorous world of show-business and she was a personal assistant film director and former actor Peter Berg. Victoria handled a wide range of duties for Berg based in New York but also working in LA.

While on the outside it may have looked like Victoria had it all, Victoria’s view has not always been from the top. There were demons she was battling that she now understands will be with her forever. At one point recovery expert Victoria became homeless and her addiction to cocaine and Aderrall almost cost her everything. Victoria took a bottle of amphetamine pills a day and she would do whatever it took to keep the high going until it became so bad that she became psychotic. At her lowest point Victoria found herself homeless and arrested with nobody left to call. The greatest triumph was realizing that there was a way to retain control of her life.

After a stay in Burning Tree recovery center in 2017, Victoria began the long steps toward recovery. She now finds herself in a position to pass her experiences on to other people who may be in the throes of addiction.

One of the most personal and satisfying ways she gives back is through offering her experience as someone who has seen the rock bottom of addiction but can now help others see a way to a brighter future. Awarded For Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability has always been important for the team at, which is the largest provider of retail infrastructure and e-commerce in all of China. It was recently announced the or Jingdong will be receiving the SEAL Business Sustainability Award of 2018. They are dedicated to supporting environmental causes as well as social innovation through the Corporate Responsibility Program.

Jingdong has been working to improve its sustainability efforts for the last 5 years. Through extensive research and planning, they have come up with multiple ways to change their company for the better. Every part of the company is now focused on making sure that they are able to positively impact both society and the environment with their efforts. These programs are all part of long-term plans to make the world better for their participation.

Only the top companies who have shown dedication to the environment, leadership, and of course sustainability are eligible to receive a SEAL Award. These awards are given on a global level and only the most sustainable companies ever win. This is why it is such a big accomplishment for that has been working so hard to achieve their sustainability goals. Some of the other companies that have received these awards in the past include Nike, Apple, Samsung, and Impossible Foods.

According to Jingdong’s corporate social responsibility head, Libo Ma, the company is honored to be given this award as they are such strong champions for sustainability. Their system includes not only plans for sustainability, but also to alleviate poverty, support education, and protect the environment. has stated that they are committed to improving society. A company should not just be measured on how well they are doing on a business sense, but also how they impact society.

One of the points of pride for Jingdong is their recycling program. It received the highest score possible from the panel of judges that ranks 47 different cities in China. The founder of the SEAL Awards, Matt Harney, expressed how impressed he is by the leadership of the company for the improvements they have made for the sustainability of the planet.

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David McDonald : Relentless push for growth

From tending to animals in his childhood Iowa farm to leading the largest international food provider, David McDonald has been a key factor for the the growth of OSI Group, here in America and now in the Chinese market. David McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University where he would earn his bachelor’s degree in animal science as well as being recognized by the Wallace E. Barron organization for being an outstanding Senior. Rising from his out of college job as a project designer to being the current president of OSI Group, David McDonald continues to be one of the leading advocates for environmentally friendly innovation.

Today, David McDonald continues giving back to his Iowa University by supporting programs such as the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative and funding the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship. In addition McDonald has also opened up his offices as a training ground for students seeking internships within the industry. His work has not gone unnoticed, in fact in 2004 David McDonald would receive the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award for his outstanding service to education. Ten year later, McDonald would see his work recognized yet again in the form of the Iowa University Foundation’s Emerging Philanthropist Award due to his countless donations to scholarships and programs that he had a hand in growing.

In a recent interview, McDonald was asked how he is able to maintain that appetite for growth. According to McDonald when he began with the company as an intern, that was the exact mindset that you needed to have to make it at OSI Group. In a sense, that yearning for growth as never left me. In terms of growth OSI Group has already surpassed mostly every other company in their industry, however, for McDonald, now the challenge is asking how OSI Group can surpass their own services and products. Challenging yourself to be better is exactly the entrepreneurial spirit that Mr.McDonald has pushed for as the president of OSI Group.

OSI Group: Successful Sustainability Initiatives

Otto and Sons was a small meat store in Chicago which was a family-run operation, as the name implies. When they were approached by a young Ray Kroc of McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois, an instant bond was created and the two then became business partners for life, for they depended on each other greatly for success. Knowing this and valuing McDonalds so highly, Otto and Sons was one of the early investors into the freeze-drying technology which nearly all major foods producers utilize. Because of this investment, Otto and Sons grew in stride with the now Fortune 500 giant with the golden arches.

Once they outgrew their leadership and needed guidance internationally, finance industry professional Sheldon Lavin stepped into the chief executive role and changed the name to fit the new leadership role. OSI Group was born, and started by expanding their operations into Europe by acquiring the Baho group and the Creative Foods Europe. Baho group, based out of the Netherlands, themselves have five major businesses which they wholly own and operate throughout 18 different European countries. And the Creative Foods Group was another extremely value asset for the OSI Group, for between the two companies OSI Group now had an extensive base from which to operate, and a managerial staff which was more than pleased to accommodate the incoming business under a new role. Likewise in Asia, Asian operations were expanded under OSI Asia and OSI China, and together with K&K Foods, OSI Group has been able to serve China, Southeast Asia, and the rest of the Pacific.

With their network of production firmly in place and 20,000 employees strong, OSI Group is now focused heavily on reducing their environmental impact on the planet by better training for Animal Welfare officers, better living conditions for livestock, figuring out how to repurpose their wastewater, and more. OSI is in 17 countries across 65 facilities.

Factor that Has Led to the Success of OSI Industries with Sheldon Lavin

The success of OSI Industries has not been by chance. It has been acquired through hard work and innovation of great strategies. The firm has grown to become a global company. Currently, they have more than 60 locations in different countries. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of the company and the majority shareholder as well have significantly contributed to the development of the company. Check out this article of Sheldon Lavin at

Here are some of the factors that Lavin has enforced in the firm;

Team Work and Cooperation

The only way a firm can prosper is if all the divisions in an organization are ready to work together. Delays and faults of one unit in a firm can lead to low sales in a company. To enhance the teamwork among the employees, they share meals. During this time, there is no formality. They bond as a family and get to know about each other as well as their families.

Sheldon Lavin has also ensured that even the customers are part of the company. This is by asking for feedback on the services they receive and putting their requests into consideration.

Good Marketing Strategies

It is useless to have a business if you do not have any clients. Marketing goods are one of the difficult and important factors of every business. Sheldon Lavin says that from the quality services they give their clients, they get referrals which are paramount. However, they have gone an extra step of employing a digital marketing team. Sheldon Lavin says that he knew that the new technology could have a lot to do with the way the market operates. The OSI Industries has been advertising their products in most social media platforms and other online marketing sites. This has been incredibly productive because their firm is a multinational company.

Good Leadership

Leadership in a company is everything. It has a lot to do with the success of the company. Sheldon Lavin is a very astute and great leader. He allows any suggestions that may impact the OSI Industries from anyone within the organization. He also ensures that all the clients are comfortable by providing a conducive environment for everyone.

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Organo Gold Educates Independent Distributions Through Organo Gold University

Organo Gold is a product that has surfaced as one of the hottest companies around when it comes to independent distribution. There are quite a few people that are signing up for Organo Gold University. They want to know about new concepts and the things that are going to help them have a healthier lifestyle. This is what Bernardo Chua has been able to give to consumers. He has taken quality products into a global atmosphere with independent distributors that are ready to sell and promote what he is giving to the general public.

Bernardo knows what is out there, and he wants to give people options. This is why he has made great strides to start a company with training options with the Organo Gold University where he can educate those independent distributors. This is different from many other models where products are sold because for some people there is no real clue about what the distributors are selling. They may have to come up with their own script and research the product themselves.

With Organo Gold there is much different approach. What Bernardo Chua wanted to do is provide a platform where people could embrace what he was trying to sell because he has independent distributors that actually knew what they were talking about. He did not want to deny people that wanted to be a part of his Organo Gold Team the opportunity to get educated on these products.

What Bernardo Chua has done is tap into the concept of education distributor so that they are prepared. He did not want anyone to be blindsided by questions from potential consumers. With Organo Gold University Chua made sure that the proper training was in place. That would be the thing that would set his company apart from many others.

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